Friday, June 13, 2008

Trailblazer 2008 for you!

We the organising committee have read your blogs, heard your cheers, shared your insights.. and yes we are committed to take this year’s Trailblazer to new heights.

TWO categories, ONE route!

We know you are competitive & love to challenge yourself.. that is why this year we give you a two categories:

The “COMPETITIVE” category ... as its name suggest, we are offering CASH prizes worth RM24k (and much more) for the truly competitive teams!

The “ADVENTURE” category ... for people seeking fun, adventure and an exhilirating experience.

Participants of both the above categories will run a 14km path through mean, muddy & rugged terrains.

So when is it again?

We have had numerous eager calls asking about this year’s Trailblazer and it is my pleasure to announce that we’ve fixed this year’s Trailblazer on Sunday, 2nd of November.

When can I start to register?

Good news for the overly keen. We are launching our Trailblazer package sales online start 1st July 2008. First ten teams to register online get a Genting Holiday Card worth a whopping RM 100!

Everywhere we turn, prices going up! UP! UP!

We the organising commitee understand and that’s why the registration fees will be happily REDUCED. For more info and comments on our entry fees visit

We care for our rainforest, do you?

We enjoy what mothernature has provided us with, a million year old rainforest! Share your thoughts on how we can make Trailblazer a more eco-friendly and sustainable event for all of us! Post your comments and discuss with others at

Help us SHAPE the event for you! Give us your thoughts!

Lastly, we really want to hear from you. This is your chance to shape Trailblazer in 2nd November 2008. Write to us, blog at

Yours Truly,

The Trailblazer 2008 Committee

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