Monday, July 14, 2008


I was quite proud to be the 2nd person who registered for the Larian Jelajah KSN (Kompleks Sukan Negara). No play play, ok? So, whats the big deal and big shout now?

Firstly, since it was the 10th Anniversary of Komplek Sukan Negara, I thought there would be a grand celebration. So, I gathered my gang to register for the run, about 10 of us. Lets forget about my 'feeling' or my emotion. I wanna talk about the many flaws in this event. An event organised by Kementerian Belia & Sukan, National Sports Complex with the cooperation of FTAAA. All big playerS, big timer and professionals!!!! so to speak.

1) If there isn't any grand celebration, celebrity or VVIP officiating
- WHY the need to gun off at 8.ooam?

2) Since this is the 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, aren't the Ministry of Sports have any pride in their achievement?
Are you too ashamed (of your miserable achievement) or just too PROUD that you don't think this bunch of runners not worthy of your presence at the event?

3) Why the lack in publicity? Many didn't know about the run till the last minutes. Are you trying to be PRUDENT with your spending or ran out of allocation already?

4) All the MISTAKES printed on the medal is the last mockery KSN ever made!!!!
a) ULANGTAHUN was spelled as ULANTAHUN
(If you don't have a Kamus, just pick up the phone and call 'Ghostbusters' Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka. Sure they can assist)

I was made a 'scapegoat' when few runners came to me with the medals in hands and questioned me on the speling mistakes! They thought I was the organiser because I was giving out T-shirts to my friends and was seen talking on friendly term with FTAAA's officials. When I told them that I was also a 'victim' and pointed to the FTAAA registration counter, they apologised and went after them. Next time, better stay far away from FTAAA counter!!!

Compared to the recent Bukit Jalil Neigbourhood Run organised by the Bukit Jalil Runners, KSN Run is no where near to this 'Amateurish' group. Its a real SHAME to all involved in organising the KSN run! A big BOOOOOOOO to KSN!!!

My Consolation - Met many other runners and had a great time chatting and catching up especially JAVIER and gang. Of course not forgetting the PIA KAU KAU PM runners, the Slowmovers, the NewKidsOnTheBlock and of course my Iron Chicken Leg gang.


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