Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where der KOK is Kampung Pandan?

Programme for this Saturday 26th July 2008

8.45am - Reporting & Warm Up 2km
9.00am - 3000m Time Trial
9.25am - 1000m Final
9.35am - 800m Final
9.45am - 400m Final
9.48am - Warm down 2km
10.00am - End of event.

All are Welcome!

The main gateway to Kg Pandan Sport Complex will be Jalan Tun Razak.
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If your are from North direction go along Jalan Tun Razak towards south, you will pass through Taman Titiwangsa on your left, General Hospital on your right, go straight for 2km, National Library on your left, go up the flyover. Then go down the tunnel (Jalan Ampang Junction), ignore the left tunnel towards KLCC, instead you go straight for another 1-2km, there will be another tunnel (Jln Bt Bintang Junction).

Go down the tunnel and further down, you will see RHB Bank Building on your left, there will be another tunnel (SMART Tunnel). Don’t enter the tunnel! Go straight until you see a very big roundabout (Pandan Roundabout), turn left (9 o’clock) at the roundabout, follow signboard to Kg Pandan/ Taman Maluri.

If you are from south direction, starting from KL-Seremban Highway, the old airport (now Royal Malaysia Air Force Airport) on your left, go straight all the way, don’t enter the SMART TUNNEL (Unless you don’t mind paying extra RM2), until you see a lot of old shoplots on both left & right, keep going straight/ down towards Jalan Tun Razak, then up the flyover. You will see Wenworth Hotel on your right, after the flyover, you will reach the pandan roundabout ( a super big roundabout). Turn to 3’oclock, follow the Kg pandan/ Taman Maluri Signboard and pay full attention! This new upgraded roundabout very confussing!

Ok, by now you will be at the same spot whether you are from North or South direction. There will be another flyover infront. Go up the flyover, turn left at the 1st traffic light, 50m infront there will be a left turn to a school. You make a u-turn and back to that traffic light again. Turn right and go straight, make u-turn at the bottom of the flyover. Immediately after u-turn, there is a small lane on your left. Turn left and find a parking space. You have finally reach the destination.

Courtesy from Lai From Sun, Pm38 (LFS)

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