Saturday, August 02, 2008

Penang Bridge Marathon - 16th November 2008

Categories for Half Marathon (22 km) are:
1. Men Open 16 years and above
2. Women Open 16 years and above
3. Men Junior Veteran 40 to 49 years
4. Men Senior Veteran 50 and above
5. Women Veteran 35 and above

Categories for Quarter Marathon (10 km) are:
1. Boys 13 to 15 years
2. Girls 13 to 15 years

Fun Run (10 km):
1. Open for participants 13 years and above


mack said...

How can the Gov use the word Marathon in the title when it is only doing a "Half" Marathon and not the "Full" Marathon like in prior years?

jue said...

how can they use 'penang bridge marathon' when it isn't fully running on the bridge?

who is the advisor ah? really siao ... whats wrong using 'penang half marathon'? if they really like the word MARATHON lah!!!

Anonymous said...

How come no full marathon? Anyone knows?

jue said...


according to organizing committee
- time constraint
- lack of experience
- lack of $$$$ (sponsors????)

jue said...

oh sorry, cos' the university's management not interested to be part of the event (thats why change of starting point lor) and current work minister didn't want to follow what samy did previously.

same reason kotr have to move to shah alam ....cin cinya!!!!!

politic ... politic ... betui2 macam anak2 main masak2..eeemmm apa mau jadi sama gua punya negeri

Mack said...

As at Aug 6, 2008, as per their restructure website / blog i.e.; the gov have flip flop to offering the Full Marathon category (to be in line with what they advertise their logo. However as at 7 Aug, the full marathon page is still under construction. So dont know whether still got flip flop or not la.

I am confuse why no race map or regulation provided and they can open for half and quarter marathon registration on their website while keep the full marathon "under construction".

Now they even change name from Penang Bridge Marathon to Penang Bridge "International" Marathon.

Also, since 6 Aug, the "half marathon" has flip from 22KM to 25KM and "quarter marathon" from 10KM to 11KM. I am still confuse..Can call 25KM "Half Marathon" ah? Wont our international braader who are used to international naming convention confuse ah? I Malaysian also confuse.

Again, our braader organisors dont seem to understand that the flip flop and calling the run category any which way they want can confuse people and hurt their so call "branding"

jue said...


i hold PAAA responsible for this also. as state and official technical body, they should advise the organising board according and stand firm to preserve the good name of the marathon.

but instead, most state AAA also want to put their hands and foot into a-z of the race.

have nothing more to say.