Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Name -> Muhamad Fadhli B Muhamad Fadzil @ Mr Afad
DOB -> 18 July 1985
Hometown -> Klang, Selangor

Year of Running -> since March 2007

Email -> fadhlifadzil@yahoo.com.my
Website ->

22 September 2008 is another greatest moment of my life. I am been invited to the Pacemaker family by the team captain, PM1. This is what im been waiting for since my starting sub-career as a runner.

Basically, im started running since primary school. I like running very much at that time and been running for rumah sukan in each year of the school sports event. I like the relay event very much coz from that we can see the passion in every runner and its combining the team spirit, strength and commitment to give good results. But turning to secondary school I stop the running event since my school is not very supportive in the sports event especially on track and field. Then it stops my spirit to continue my running.

After a few years without any running event or even small jog, I went to UM to do my practical training. There I met with Fazli. He asks me for joining the Larian Rakan Muda UM and without any training we both going to have a challenge for running around UM. This race was very tough for me and I just run half the way and the doing run-walk for another half. As a result I did not get any medal or even cert and I go home with nothing. But after that I keep thinking about this race and how actually I can get the medal or the cert.

I keep searching for race event and try to learn as much as possible and finally I found the pacesetter club. From this club I get to find Mr Lim which is the klang area leader. Then, I started to train with the Klang Pacesetter Member at Taman rakyat. From there I know Dinesh, Peter, Albert, Ms Chi, Lee Foo Kien and from this people also I learn how to training and they give me so much lesson about running since they have been in running world for many years. Thanks for all of them.

My first meet with the pacemaker team is on NB15k last year. From there I get to know the pacemaker family member. I also get to know pm1 blog and try to learn as much as can from the family and I believe that each one of the member is bukan calang-calang orang. They had proven that they have the spirit of Pia Kau Kau Lat from the running scene. From there I keep one dreams: That I must be one of the pacemaker family one day!

After a year of running I get know a lot of fren in running scene, learned a lot of thing that have in running such as passion, the discipline, the motivation, determination and a lot more. The most principal that I not forget and stick with it is “train hard win easy”, “no train no win”, and “nothing is impossible” that encouraged me to improve myself.

It seems like my dreams of being one of the Pacemaker family come true and it is like an honor for me in my running life for joining Pacemaker. I will keep on the spirit to Pia Kau-Kau Lat!!Last but not least I would like to thanks Pm1@ronnie for inviting me to join Pacemaker team. Also thanks to all my friends fazli,nazib,sham,farid,hailmi,ida,wafi klang pacesetters member,peter,albert,lee,lim and others. Thank you very much..

Truly yours – MR AFAD


Anonymous said...

Adik Afad..u z z z z ahad sampai pukul berapa ah ?

Welcome to PM family.


@FaD said...

thanks a lot tey..
i must learn a lot from all the family!
i sleep until 12pm..then go shoping at pertama and buka puasa at sunway..hehe

jue said...

afad ah, congrat sama lu pasai sudah jadi itu PM ponya olang! jadi lu sikarang musti pia lagi kau kau lat

C-CUBE said...

welcome with open arms. u have proven urself to be one of the PMs. The PTM pics shows it all, the PIA Face, hehehehe!!!!! next is run a 10k race in sub43mins.

@FaD said...

thanks choi..
i try my best..after raya keep on my training.. :)

Kenny said...

Welcome , very der welcome and der happy for you !

AdamLoh said...

afad, gembira kerana sudi menyertai keluarga "gila" PM, kami ahli keluarga "gila" menyambut afad dengan penuh kegembiraan and sungguh bangga terhadap afad, Hidup PM.

@FaD said...

thanks kenny..
to adam..im really gila lari one..hehe..thanks