Monday, September 22, 2008

PTM Comment

All comments are welcome regardless good or bad.

"Today we witness the true spirit of Malaysian coming together to make this event a success,
though puasa our Malay friends came to share the execitement and fun, I am truely "kam tung" (terharu), good job to you saudara yang berpuasa, this the true Malaysian Spirit". - Adam Kok

"Ron and team, good job in organising the event .Thanks for the wonderful track experience". - Asthma Man

"Congrats for the successful conclusion of the PTM. evry1 cinya enjoy.the special group very der happy. its their 1st experience in public event. 4 of them train with me on alternate sat n hope 2 expose them more. I hope more group will give them tis opportunity to participate with the ordinary ppl n not treat them indifference. very kamsiah PM1 give them der chance. cinya kantung" - Julie Wong

"PTM telah mengabungkan semua....... agama, usia, normal + special group..........." - Nazib


C-CUBE said...

I have NEVER see PMs pia until like that. It real show their commitment to compete and compete in a very friendly manner. Last but not least I salute to all our Muslims friends who without fail ~ rain, shine or even during their puasa month come and pia in the track meet. Itu lah yang saya terharu dengan SEMANGAT kau. Majulah sukan utk Der Pacemakers !!!!

Wong Kei Ming said...

i would like to say well done to der organiser who did a fantastic job in organising such a great event this year, also der volunteers willing to help up in this event. last but not least, all runners had shown their spirit in der race, keep practising hard. hopefully next year will have another track meet, '2nd Pacemakers Track Meet'!

Anonymous said...

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