Friday, September 19, 2008

PTM2008 Race Schedule & Important Rule

- Important Rule

Trophy Position - In the event if there is a tie in points accumulated, the organising commitee will do a countback to the number of events each runner took part. The runner who took part in least number of events will be announce the winner. In the case if all is equal, then a Race of Death in 400m will be held and the runner with the fatest time will be declared the winner.

- Race Schedule

6.30am - Reporting

7.05am - 400m (Veteran)
7.10am - 400m (Men Open)
7.15am - 400m (Women)

7.30am - 3000m (Men Open & Veteran only)

8.00am - 800m (Veteran)

8.10am - 800m (Men Open)
8.15am - 800m (Women)

8.25am - 100m (Kids Junior)

8.30am - 200m (Veteran)

8.35am - 200m (Men Open)
8.40am - 200m (Women)

8.45am - 1500m (Veteran)

8.55am - 1500m (Men Open)

9.05am - 400m Special (People with Learning Disability)

9.15am - 4x400m (all start together)

9.30am - Trophy Presentation

9.45am - End of Event

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