Monday, September 29, 2008

This Week LSD - 27th September 2008

When : 27th September 2008
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Running Route : To Sri Hartamas + 2 loops Petronas
Distance : 9.66km + 920m + 920m + 9.66km = 21.16km
Starting Time : 6.10am
Attendance : Pm1, Tang Wern Tien, Justin Lee, Kenny Tan, Suresh, Lionel Lee, Stanley Cheong, Yap Chee Kuang, Ng Ping Loong, Chek Yin Huay, Steven Khoo, Wong Kei Ming, Vijay, Chin Teck Sin, etc...

My Split Time :
9.66km - 55'20.77
0.920m - 04'26.94 > 59'47.71
0.920m - 04'23.19 > 1h 04m 10s
9.66km - 44'46.48 > 1h 48m 57s

Last 9.66km Timing :
44'26.00 - Suresh (short cut 50m)
44'31.48 - Stanley Cheong
44'45.89 - Lionel Lee
44'46.48 - Ronnie See
46'44.29 - Justin Lee
47'45.66 - Tang Wern Tien
00'00.00 - Kenny Tan
00'00.00 - Chin Teck Sin (Missing liao)

Cinya happy to see so many runners turn up for d saturday LSD, how I wish every sat oso like that hor. Anyway, runner of der day should go to Stanley Cheong, credit should go to him. Excellent performance, waiting for der right time to sayur everyone like no nobody business, haha! Well done my friend!

Only me, Lionel, Chin, Stanley & Suresh run extra 2 loops of petronas. Der rest take a short break after their 1st half while waiting for us to complete our loop. As der loop completed, most of us taking a short break for water station n etc.. But Suresh very der kiasu, dont want to wait for us liao, he oredi poof liao. Giving a lot of reason, blah.. blah.. blah.. N by der time we start, oredi smell no smoke liao.

As we continue our 2nd half, I can feel it der pace going to be faster n faster soon. Chin oredi start to make der turbo after 1km, feeling a bit struggle to follow, lucky still in der group. After Jln Duta cross over, Lionel take der lead, I thihk Chin exhuasted liao. Lionel run at cinya consistance pace, until Jln Tijani hill, my turn to take der lead. Only left is Lionel n Stanley in der group. wit 3km to go, so surprise to see Suresh was not far away from us nia. Suddenly me so motivated, kena turbo to chase him, actually if he not taking der short cut before heading up to der KTM hill, we might able to close der gap. Suddenly my pace drop to longkang, but I still no give.. still got 2km to go. We keep continue to close der gap until der Jln Parlimen roundabout, which is only 10m gap nia. But his energy back to 100% again, from there I feel like want to pancit liao. Only Stanley n Lionel still looking stong, slowly my gap wit them getting further n further away. Wit 200m to go, Lionel look like want to pancit liao, I encourge him to finish it. Glad we finish it peacefully, this is der 1st time I see Lionel run until so jialat.. hehe!

Next Week Training Menu :

(Proposed By Jamie Pang)
Next week aka Hell Week (goal: to complete the mileage, NOT SPEED)
Raya Day 1 Oct 1st – 21K (new route, 5am, so that can go jalan2 with family)
Raya Day 2 Oct 2nd - 30K (new route, 5am, so that can go chill out with family)
Sat 4th – 15K (5:50am, nor liap sua aka Double Hill)
Sun 5th – 21K (regular route, 5am)

Meeting Place: Lake Gardens Car Park (fronting the police HQ). These sessions are ideal to test out your marathon pace, tempos, new gear and shoes while building up your physical and mental toughness. Doing the workouts in a group will make it easier.

(Proposed By Pm1)
- Gym Work!
- Rest
- 1000m x 10 set @ Kpg Pandan (7.30am)
Thur -
20km LSD @ Bukit Aman (6.00am)
Frid -
Satur -
15k merge wit Jamie group
Sunday - Rest


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