Sunday, October 05, 2008

21K Long Slow Distance (LSD) 05.10.2008

Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Starting Time : 6.15am
Total Distance : 21.16km (including 2 loops petronas)
Attendance : Pm1, Lionel Lee, Wong Kei Ming, Lynn Guan, Chin Chin, Stanley Cheong, Yap Chee Kuang, Steven Khoo & Sam from Pg.

Der Split Time for 1st Half : 51'44.64s
Petronas Loops, 920m per loop : 4'35.04 / 4'32.70s

Der Last 9.66km Timing :
43'55 - Lionel Lee
44'21 - Stanley Cheong
44'35 - Ronnie See
48'36 - Sam from Penang
54'01 - Lynn Guan
54'01 - Chin Chin
58'28 - Wong Kei Ming
58'29 - Yap Chee Kuang
59'40 - Steven Khoo

With 2 days of resting, energy level back to normal liao. Lynn bring new friend from Pg (Sam), I could say he cinya friendly oso, greet every runner good morning from start until finish eventho no more breathe liao. Cinya ho liao, can fight wit Kenny Tan liao. I tot of easy pace for der 1st half, after 2k plus Lionel oredi press turbo liao. While me, Stanley & Sam stay in a group. After cross der jln duta, der pace getting even faster. Cinya struggle esp at der hilly part, but der Sam seem like no tired wan.
looking at der watch out 1st half time was 51'44, Wow.. 3mins plus faster. Plus we complete 2 loops of petronas, Lynn n Chin2 cover 1 loop.

On return leg, all start back together. Pacing was ok, after jln duta cross over that is where der battle on speed begin. Juz try my best to close der gap wit Lionel & Stanley, however Sam slowly losing gap liao. Der most I hated hill is Tajani hill, that hill always make ppl suffer wan. Thankfully, still manage to close der gap wit Lionel. Wit 1 km to go, that is where der seperation goes. Again, Stanley sayur me from behind. Say sick, but still can kill ten tiger. Again I was left behind from Lionel N Stanley. Anyway, I'm very happy wit der run today... thanks for der pacing :)

Glad Kei Ming leg ok liao, remember to put more ice ya!

My Mileage for Last Week : 50.76km
My Mileage for This Week : 53.68km

Next Coming Event :
12th Oct - Klang Pacer 12km Run
19th Oct - Mizuno Wave Run

LSD training will resume back on 25th October 2008, Thanks!


OngKhengMai said...

Hey Ronnie, so you will taking part in NB Klang Pacers 12k run also? Hope to see you there. But for sure, I don't have the power to stay at your back de. Haha

Chee Wang said...

Hi Ronnie, is great to meet you guys at Bkt Aman. i'm really enjoy it. You guys are great, fast pace runner. You know what, your "LSD" is my "pace run". :)