Monday, October 20, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008 (Video Clip)

Human Jam @ Starting Line
Cinya terrible lah, better get a good carpet next time.


Flying Carpet
Seem like nobody seem to border nia...


Albert said...

Starting carpet lousy. Nearly trip and fall. Finishing stop and line up 10 min to finishing point. Then what is the use of the chip timing ? Stupid and badly organised. At check point ribbon, some got it but somr don't.

Albert said...

Hopefully Pacesetters organiser learn from the mistake & don't repeat it for the next Great Eastern run 2009.

Running Freeman said...

How come someone didnt get a ribbon ?, from what I've seen there are ate least 6 of them giving a purple ribbon 3 on the left and 3 on the right, Its the first time that pacesetters implemented the timing chip, yes your right they must have use a firmer heavy duty carpet, and also I notice that the timing chip have been put to no use because of the long que. I think they overlooked that people will get crowded at the finishing point. let's give them a chance for the next race . we all know that pacesetters is a quality race. overall its not a badly organised race. its the first time they use a timing chip so lets give them room for improvemnt :)

Anonymous said...

Starting was a mass. Should seperate men and women during starting to avoid jammed. Some slow runners queued in front and blocked the way.
Some runners cut queue from side way, one of them was PM1.
One of the runner dropped his shoe when the run started. Don't worry he was not Ronnie.

PM1 Junior said...

Dont say my Daddy like that.. I panjio at ur face only U know.