Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Balance Klang Pacer 12km Run - Race Report!

One of der most hell suffering kok race I ever had, Dew!
I dont know how many ppl wan to sayur me kau-kau lat, but i know I'm under pressure like kok. My most fearer runners will be Stanley & Suresh, both hv beat me so many time in training liao. Thinking high n low, left n rite how to avoid finishing together wit them, bcoz sure I lose wan. haha!

Race started late, delay more than 10mins. Dont know wat der kok is happening. Once der gun oink.. oink.. off I pia like no tomoro liao. No matter how fast is my 1st gear, still not as good as Guna & Stanley 1st gear. Cinya struggle der 1st 3km, try to close gap wit Stanley, but everytime unsuccess nia, bcoz I'm slow started runner. Guna oredi no where to be seen, while Suresh still not at my side. After Tan Wah Seng (age 50 plus) sayur me, only I start to wake up. [Slap.. slap myself], mean I'm slow liao. so my target is to follow Tan Wah Seng pace, 1st it was hard.. wit couple of distance liao, I manage to adapt it. but still cinya suffer like kok.

After 5km mark, Me, Stanley & Wah Seng manage to pace side by side liao, a bit relief for me. However I realize der pace getting faster n harder liao, I dont want to lose der running pack. So hv to struggle from there all der way loh. This is part of der motivation aka powergel.

About 7km plus, we manage to sayur Guna. Cinya unbelievable, I think he pancit liao. And der pace still going cinya fast, n der route is cinya strait like kok.. like never ending route. Mental almost wan to kong liao, but lucky still in der group.

After 10km, Stanley decided to call it a day. Sob.. sob.. So only left me Wah Seng nia on der kok to kok battle, while Daniel is juz 100m ahead of us nia. Energy oso running low liao, keep looking at my watch, how I was can finish it asap!

Cinya happy can hear der sound of der stadium, however we need to turn 1 big kok round to reach that stadium. So I decided to on my turbo liao, which I oso sayur back Was Seng & 1 black runner for der 1st time. Unfortunally, der 1 loop is cinya big, wit 500m to go. I oredi kenot go liao, hand shaking like parkingson oredi (cold / latic asid) watever lah. Wah Seng sayur me back, but der black runner still behind wit distance behind nia. I struggle like hell enter der stadium, lucky der back runner never give a chase liao. I never pia until like this b4, head oso cinya blur2 liao. I think too long never race liao, all my pia rhythm goes hairwire. How I wish at least there is a distance marker for every km, bcoz running strait cinya boring.

Anyway, I cinya enjoy der run alto suffer like shit. Bcoz I manage to beat high riding Stanley & dark horse Guna. It juz a matter of time nia for Stanley to beat me, will see him in another hell race next week for Mizuno Wave Run.

After der run, we proceed to Larian Bah kut Teh. Der food give u more sweat than we run haha! Thanks to my wife for giving full support, snapping pictures n update result for us!



OngKhengMai said...

Wow, what a time. Kinda fast man you, almost can get trophy le.

You go eat where de bak good teh?

C-CUBE said...

I want to see the Mizuno Wave Run battle again. Saucony Fastwitch vs Saucony Fastwitch, cinya waiting for it so that Sunday come fast fast and the Pacemakers will once again pia amongst each other. This one who is stronger in hill may be at an advantage !!!

RunWitMe said...

Check out PM1 kena sayur by Tan Wah Seng pic here...:)

Klang Pacers Athletic Club said...

TQ for participating the race and glad to say u pia like mad. Anyway, u must always think of this hokkien song, Ai Pia......ka ay nya.....Runners most enjoying moment is when after the race go and pia makan makan like kok together especially most famous KLANG BAH KUT TEH.