Sunday, November 09, 2008

3rd IOI Community Run 2008 - Result

What : 3rd IOI Community Run
When : 9th November 2008
Starting Time : 7.45am (Late Start) VIP still sleeping
Where : Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor
Distance : 7.3km for Open & 5.5km for Veteran
Medal : Top 20th Placing

Kindly email / sms ur result to Wong Kei Ming after end of der event, Kei Ming will be incharge der result update. Thanks!

Men Open (7.3km) :
32'10 - Jasni Khairil (14th)
32'49 - TNS, Cut My Queue (16th)
32'49 - Ronnie See, PM1 (17th)
32'53 - Stanley Cheong, PM53 (18th)
35'33 - Suresh, PM47 (28th)
35'?? - Chen Keat Hong, PM8
40'55 - Wong Kei Ming, PM55
42'?? - Teoh Chun Ming, PM17

Veteran Open (5.5km) :
21'21 - Daniel Tan (8th)
25'14 - Lee Yee Sum (36th)
27'26 - Renu Kumar

Women Open (7.3km) :
38'33 - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (7th)
39'35 - Ameba Chan (9th)
00'00 - Chek Yin Huay

Today is my 1st event as Fatherhood, and not so easy as b4 liao. Everyday sleep 2 to 3 hrs need to wake up liao, baby need nen nen. This morning 2.30am oredi wake up liao, after 3am sleep again. 5.30am wake up again, baby need nen nen again.. after that I terus go for der race. Der feeling is like taking a estacy pill, kepala pening pening.

After reach Puchong, get my bib for Chek. Do some business at toilet n warm up, and ready for der race. However, my body felt like sotong nia. So powerless, warm up oso no sweat come out.. jialat. 7.30am race still not start, VIP belum sampai. Race was flagoff by Teresa KOK, hmm.. my favourite word. 7.45am sun heating up liao, and there goes all der mad kerbau.

I was very struggle at der start, while Stanley oredi turbo kau-kau lat liao. Slowly pick up my old kok pace at der hill area. During my 3km mark, my feeling is like wan to give up der run, bcoz cinya breathless like hell especially climbing up der hill, geram so many hill wan. I was very lucky to hv Richard Habeya as a pacer, he ran as ghost runner today (no bib).

As reaching to Giant supermarket liao, I manage to get close to Stanley. After turning to left.. I tot of going to finish liao after der last turning, coz my face oredi like KOK liao. Really pia-ing like mad dog, I keep myself close to Stanley. To my surprise, another long strait road to go, I think is about 500m more. Sweat keep coming out more n more, n this is oso where I manage to potong sayur Stanley. And no turning back, keeping pushing hard.

Once I reach der finishing line, there is one indian runner come and cut my queue. WTF! Is oredi finish, like that oso wan to cut? Der dunggu SAAA official still giving him der pos card #16. Amkan!

Anyway, I'm very happy manage to get medal.. this is consider one of der toughest race for
a short distance run. God Bless!

Past History of IOI Record :
2005 - 21m 45s (21st / 20th medals) 5.5km
2006 - 30m 51s (8th / 20th medals) 7.3km
2007 - no event
2008 - 32m 49s (17th / 20th medals) 7.3km


Gaby said...

today IOI community Run distance unless measure by my friend using the car..may be 8km also^^ but still wait the actual distance measure by u all

Pm1 said...

Dear Gasby,

By car is not so acurate, bcoz of der wheel. Different car different distance wan.

Sorry, oday we dont hv any GPS kok representative.

Paiseh nia..

gaby said... u experience..u feel today the distance how far of it? bcos i saw u today also..i thought u run top 10 in the man open lol...

Edmund said...

Based on my GPS, it's 7.8km.

gaby said...

thankq for your info...edmund ^^... name is gaby not gasby ^^

phooi said...

where to get the all result for 1st, 2nd in the all events etc 7.3 category A,B,C,D,E,F,G

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