Monday, November 03, 2008

My 1st Genting Trailblazer!

What :
Genting Trailblazer 2008
When : 2nd November 2008
Where : Awana Genting Highland Football Field
Distance : 14km
Photo Albums :

Men Open :
1'55'00 - Nazib Ngainin, PM14 & Kamarul (19th)
1'58'50 - Wong Kei Ming, PM55 & Stanley Cheong, PM53 (23rd)

Mix Open :
1'00.00 - Saiful Azri, PM45 & Tan Suet Fong (2nd)
1'00.00 - Hasrul Sham Saidi & Susila a/p Govindan (7th)
2'00.21 - Tang Wern Tian & Ameba Chan (8th)

Men Veteran :
1'31.00 - Simon Woo & Tang Weng Cheong (5th)

My Report:
as prabu has FFK me der Genting Trailblazer, so Stanley would be his substitution as my partner. well i think it was good too bcoz he is 1 of my

inspirator who could really give me der spirit of pia! i was very proud to have Stanley to be my partner. yesterday i really couldn't sleep well bcoz i was very nervous for der race. it was my 1st time competing in trail run (require us to run in jungle or something like that) which Ronnie has told me that it is easily get injured. i could imagine that der race is tough & challenging but i still want to try as i was really excited and have been waiting for so long. after picking saiful up from bukit aman, 3 of us headed to der race place where in der middle there was fog around, made der road very difficult to see, it is dangerous without public lamps along der road, i was 100% concentrate on der road bcoz we wanted to go for der race & didn't want to have something bad happen to us. ofcoz finally we arrived der place safely.

when der race was begun, der runners pia so fast especially der top runners in der front row while i ran slow at der beginning bcoz of der road was not flat and easily fall down. i was trying hard to follow stanley form der back to make sure i was not far away from him, after few kilometers i still keep my stamina going and maintain my pace to close der gap with him, in fact i was very suffering following stanley bcoz he was very fast and strong (breath very very hard!). many up and down hills struggle ppl a lot, i used slower pace in uphills but when going down i really sayur ppl infront me kau kau! b4 going into der jungle, i knew i was almost 300m to 400m away from him so i guess i should be able to catch him up later, my hand glove made me uncomfortable so i took it off, when go in der trail i will only put it on.

unexpectedly, der moment when going into der jungle was like damn bloody difficult! first, it was slippery and wet bcoz rained in der morning (yesterday too!) so der route became muddy. secondly, runners were not patient at all! pushed each other till i fall down also didn't apologise or pull me up, what der jerk! actually i really enjoy der trail but bcoz of these 2 reasons my mood half-dropped. i kept falling down & very difficult to stand up, when wanted to climb up it slipped u down, if really unfortunate life also gone! there were ropes along der course which runners could rely on it, it was quite safe to rely on but for me it depends, sometimes might need it sometimes not! i need it when really muddy where i need strength to pull myself up. many injuries and scars on my body made me felt painful. when came into der staircase which was der exit of der trail, i had no more stamina already, i walked step by step up with hard breath, almost wanted to fall down. when going out of der trail, there was a water station which indicated i was on 9.5km mark, i was thirsty and took 2 cups of water, after that continue runnning to finish der race faster.

aiyo, there were uphills again! struggling me from der beginning to der end! when i saw der tents (finishing point) i thought i had finished der race, it was imposible bcoz der water station is 9.5km + another 1km = 10.5km nia! after turning to right side, there was a big big slope up!!! i really energy-less liao, no more energy, i walked up slowly like turtle liao! after der slope there was a slope down few corners. finally i saw my partner stanley, he said we still had 1 or 2km to go nia! i was very happy to dash into der finishing line but b4 that we had to go through der obstacles 1st. very interesting, climbing up, jumped into der muddy water, it was dirty but very fun, hehe...

overall, for me i think this event was great, it was a wonderful experience which i could feel der pain, tiredness & excitement. nevertheless, i would like to have it next year as it was such a great event. congrates to those got top positions! many thanks to stanley to be my partner and he didn't mind i m a slow runner!

difficult to walk in der mud

Stanley, enjoy to be dirty

dashing to der finishing line!

my fren simon from KRI

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