Monday, December 22, 2008

Penang Round Island Relay CHAMPIONS - KLAVA team


jue said...

Being a KLAVA member and a former EXCO, I am not at all proud of this achievement. To the best of my knowledge, most of them are not a member of KLAVA and was roped in last minutes without going through a proper process.

Do all of them really PROUD to represent KLAVA? If they are not being sponsored, will they still want to be part of the team? There are handful of KLAVA members who were running in the same event on their own expense. Why are they not being subsidised? Why double standard?

It pains me to see such abuse and constitution being exploited by those who are elected by members to uphold the office. People who pledged to serve to their best of their ability but instead only the welfare of a handful are being taken care off.

Those who no longer able to run a mile or be at the top of the list will be left to perish on their own.

The true meaning of sportmanship has either died or re - interpreted for the benefit of a few elite individuals

Only now that I truly understand the frustration of the many members who poured their grievances to me while I was in office.

This is happening in many sports association and that is the reason why we cannot produce good and ethical athletes.

EXCOs are elected to serve and NOT for individual to pursue their self interest.

C-CUBE said...

Huh, like tat also can arhhhh !!!! Put it in another words, its just cheating themselves and also others (who dont know)

Anonymous said...

That is so uncool. (Insert two thumbs down here!)