Monday, December 29, 2008

This Week Training 29th Dec 2008

When : 29th December 2008
Meeting Point : Lake Garden Children Playground
Running Route : Lake Garden Loop / Carcosa
Starting Time : 4.35pm
Distance : 2.8km X 4 = 11.2km
Target time to achieve : Sub 1 hour

My Split Time : 15'50 / 14'40 / 13'56 / 12'27

56'50 - Mohd Syahidan Alias
56'51 - Kenny Tan
56'54 - Ronnie See
58'37 - Chin Teck Sin

Fuyo! Cinya honour to have Syahidan join us for training today. He is one of der top hot favorite to be crowded as Newtork Run champion on 1st Jan under age group of 29 & below. As usual, whoever join for me lake garden training must start from slow slow first. And everyone manage to stick to der pace accordingly. Going into der last loop, I'm a bit tired liao. Syahidan n Kenny start to turbo liao, suddenly me & Chin was 60m apart from them. I dont wan to give up so easily, trying my best to close der gap. Taking all der advantage like cutting corner, ran fast fast at down hill, etc.. etc.. as for Chin, he kenot keep up to der fast pace anymore. I manage to close gap wit 800m to go, thanks to Syahidan for slwowing down der pace.. cinya der sportmanship. And we manage to finish together neck to neck. I'm glad everyone have a good ran, really appreciate it.

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aku kaki LARI said...

helo bro,
really hepy can join u training for da 1st time dis year..hehe
see u next year..

hAPPy neW year..
see u next race..