Sunday, January 04, 2009

30K LSD Training for GE30K (final)

When : 3rd January 2009
Meeting Point : Bkt Aman Car Park
Starting Time : 6.10am
Distance : 29.6km according to YS Lee gps kok
Attendance : Pm1, Tay Poh Chye, Meyappan, Kenny Tan, Yip Kit Weng, Tang Wern Tien, Ameba Chan, Ahmad Farid, Suresh, Steven Khoo, Daniel Lee, YS Lee.

My Split Time for Today:
9.66km - 51'05
0.92km - 04'30 > 55'36
0.92km - 04'33 > 1h 00m 09s
0.92km - 04'33 > 1h 04m 42s
8.30km - 39'47 > 1h 44m 29s
9.66km - 46'10 > 2h 30m 40s

My Split Time for last week :
9.66km - 49'49
0.92km - 04'33 > 54'22
0.92km - 04'27 > 58'49
0.92km - 04'20 > 1h 03m 09s
8.30km - 39'29 > 1h 42m 38s
9.66km - 46'27 > 2h 29m 06s

Other Result :
2'30.40 - Ronnie See
2'31.51 - Tay Poh Chye
2'44.33 - Meyappan
2'57.45 - Daniel Lee
2'57.48 - YS Lee
3'00.21 - Yip Kit Weng
3'08.01 - Kenny Tan
3'10.30 - Tang Wern Tien
3'18.30 - Ameba Chan
0'00.00 - Suresh (19.32km)
0'00.00 - Ahmad Farid (19.32km) - missing!
2'15.30 - Steven Khoo (19.32km)

Today baby wake up at 1.30am & 4.30am for milk, after that I didnt sleep anymore liao. Cinya sleepy like kok n oso cinya worry this morning when I got sms message from Stanley saying his place raining like cat n dog. However, my place kepong no rain at all. Reply to Stanley, by hook or by kok I will be there!

Half way reaching to jln kuching, can see is a bit drizelling liao. Cinya worry that most of der gang are not able to come, but to my surprise everyone turn up for der run. This is wat I call der most hardcore runners, rain or shine training still on.

After deposit all our water to Mr. nice guy Stanley, 6.10am we proceed to our run. I started wit a very slow pace nia, surprisingly other go even slower than me. Kenny shout at me, say why go so fast? I say very slow oredi liao... after 1km, only Tay Poh Chye pace wit me nia. From there on, Tay Poh Chye is untouchable liao. Very der struggle follow Poh Chye pace, bcoz he farlek me kau-kau lat until hartamas. I was 1 mins behind him after after our 1st water stop.

Going into our 2nd half, I remind Tay Poh Chye again not to pia so fast. But he never listen again, after 1km he pia like cat n dog liao. Make me so struggle nia, coz I hv to follow his farlek pace. Sumore I dont want to lose der gap from him, else I got no motivation liao.. die die oso must follow him tight-tight until he headed for ur 2nd water stop. This time i need to take powergel, but Poh Chye seem like no tired at all.

Going into our final 10km, this time must really focus liao. I'm all ready to sayur Poh Chye, juz need to wait for der right time. But 1st I must make him very der tired like kok 1st, so we keep farlek n farlek neck to neck. And we reach our final water stop at Tajani area, 4km away from finishing. After refreshing ourself, I'm ready to turbo n no looking back. Poh Chye never give up, really chasing me from behind. So I tekan up to der max n reach bkt aman wit 46'10, faster than my last week timing (46'27). Cinya paiseh leave Tay Poh Chye so far behind, but I must really thanks him for der wonderful pacing. And oso thanks to Kenny Tan willing to fetch Poh Chye to ran wit me.

Everything was great today, except I got big blister on my toe due to rain, water goes into my shoe & sock. Pain for der whole 20km, now walking oso a bit cacat liao. Next week no more 30K run for me liao, maybe until 25km nia. Coz der GE30K is coming soon liao, as usual, same time same place for next sat ya.

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