Monday, January 19, 2009

Der Wild Wild Run - Latest Update

latest participants update on 21.01.2009 @ 9.15am


Thanks for the support!!!

Additional category added for Women Veteran.

Men 29 & Below :
24/40 Participants
Men 30-39 : 36/40 Participants
Men 40 & Above : 19/30 Participants
Women Open : 15/20 Participants
Women Veteran : 9/20 Participants

Total updated : 103 / 150 participants

Registered participants, click here!

Pls register early to avoid the disappointment!

Der Wild Wild Run 2009 - "Sneak Peek"

1 comment:

C-CUBE said...

RWM, kamsiah a lot for the video clip and the songs that go with it was fantastic too.

For all runners who have not been to the zoo for a long time, the clip will give you an idea the kind of environment that you will be running in and also with some of the birds that you can see hanging around the path.

Seeya @ Der Wild Wild Run