Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melawati 10km Run - Photos

Dear Ronnie,
Please find the pictures I took during the Melawati Run. Please publish this in your blog because I do not intend to write about this horrible run in my blog. Sungguh memper-xiaxue-kan!
My apologies for the not so nice pictures. I forgot to take out my memory card from my laptop after transfering pictures from Earth Hour The Walk of Hope the night before. So, the pictures are in low resolution because I had to save the pic into my camera internal memory which is limited in size.
Anyway, as an observer to the run, (I decided not to run this event because of phobia from the previous Melawati 10K), I would like to say the organiser need to improve on the traffic control near the point. They are risking the runners lives because the narrow road where the runners comeback to the finish point was not closed at all. Cars were moving in and out! So dangerous! I had to move several time from my photo taking spot because of cars coming from behind me!
I also heard lots of complaints because there was NO water station at all. A 10km running event without water station??? I am fine with no goodies bag, but no water? Then why the "hey" they put "WATER STATION" in the MEDAL after 5km? Please take a closer look at the medal. Never in my life I see any road race organiser carved WATER STATION in the medal before. And the joke is the was no WATER STATION at all. This is ridiculous!!!!
I pitied my running friends who paid their hard earned cash (RM25!) for a badly organised run! (Insert Tsk Tsk Tsk here!)

Warmest Regards,

running with passion


Anonymous said...

i dun think no water station=bad organiser especially for a 10km run!Infact this kind of distance water station is not really a compulsory thing at all!For those who hav train well before its jus a normal thing,u can ask those top 10 or top 20 runners they may not drink water at all,if its a 15k event,yeah i support ur opinion.This seem to b more in a busy street event so,ur own safety is wat u nid to cater for.water?can go to the mamak shop besid the street n buy lo...

RunWitMe said...

Hello anonymous.

Does this run cater just for top 10 runners or the masses?

I understand the fast runners avoided drinking because of time issue. The might lose a few crucial seconds if the stop for water. How about the majority of the runners??

I am quoting the UK Athletic Rules here. See #2. I'm using it beause I am not sure if a Malaysian one exists. So I use the UK on as a benchmark.

(1) In full Marathons and longer races, Promoters must supply drinks to cater for the entire field at a minimum of every 5km throughout the race.
(2) In races of 10km and above, Promoters must supply drinks at intervals of at least 5km.
(3) In races of less than 10km., drinks may be provided by the Promoter.
(4) A Promoter must provide additional drinks stations on the advice of the Race Medical Officer.
(5) A Promoter should provide drinks for the entire field at the Finish.

What amazes me is - not only the organisers didn't provide water station, they have the nerve to put "water station" in the finisher medal. Take a look at the picture.

C-CUBE said...

anony, i beg to differ with your statement and i am also not commenting whether the posting had made the right / wrong feedbacks.

but for a slow runner like me, my first impression of a race is whether there are sufficient water stations for me. i dont expect water stops for a 5k run, but for a 10k run minimum at least one water stops. slow runners like us are in need of it.

we may not be as fast and well prepared as you and pls have the emphathy that not all runners are equal. dont compare slow runners like us with the top runners. what they dont need doesnt mean others also dont need!!!

Note: And for paying RM25, i do expect a water station.

Khoo Kong Wah said...

The run obviosuly was not organised by a runner. A runner will always make sure there are mobile toilet facility and water stations.

Anonymous said...

wat i can say is expect unexpectation!since so long u guys been joining races,anything can b happened!a race of 10k without water may seem to be torture for beginner but its also a challenge for them to learn to cope with this kind of situation!if its 15k i cant say anything...rm25 for a 10k is too much ler...if dun like organiser boikot them next time...organiser mosly no runner they never think of runner side,so jus get urself prepare in any kind of races!macam macam boleh berlaku!

No2Melawati said...

Say No To Melawati Run!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree that there should be atleast a water station after 5k from the start. as for me, i was the one that were looking for it as well, but it was not there! i guess its the fee that raise the question here. we dont really mind paying that much, it just we kind a hope that the organizer could do us fair. well, im impressed with the medal though, but a small yet most important thing is being left out that make this event 'sour'. it should be a lesson next time not to take things lightly, as we don't cater for only those top runners, but others whom participated and paid for it! :)

nonetheless, i manage to finish the race somehow (without drinking any water) but a cup or two of water might help me run better and faster (after all, for me, its the time that matters).

thanks, the event could have been better if not because of all that mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

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