Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Friend SCKLM Official Receipt 2009

By folk or by spoon, there is no return back. This is wat I told my friend See Hock Leong, his hand was shaking like kok when asking to tick distance that he had to run. Thinking more than 10 minutes, finally he got der gut to go for der longest distance of his life 42.195km, with der approval from home minister PM21.

There was nothing much happening at der SCKLM launching, I think my house pasar malam is more happening than this.. cinya yawning, lucky meet some kiasu friends, Tony, Julie, Cheang, Datuk Gongli, Michelle, etc... else cinya boring nia.

There is no much time left, starting next week I must train kau-kau lat liao, juz recover from fever.

Here is my proposal training from next week until road to SCKLM :

March 2009
21.03.09 - 25km LSD
28.03.09 - 11km LSD *
29.03.09 - Melawati 10k Run

April 2009
04.04.09 - 30km LSD
11.04.09 - 11km LSD
12.04.09 - BHP Orange Run
19.04.09 - 25km LSD *
26.04.09 - Bidor Half Marathon

May 2009
01.05.09 - 35km LSD (public holiday)
10.05.09 - 30km LSD *
17.05.09 - NB 15km Run
23.05.09 - 37.5km LSD
30.05.09 - 30km LSD *

June 2009
07.06.09 - NB Klang Pacer Half Marathon
13.06.09 - 30km LSD
20.06.09 - 25km LSD *
28.06.09 - SCKLM

* subject to change, if i tired like kok lah.

I hope more runners can join my friend for this marathon training, regardless fast or slow, coz he cinya serious about this, doing alone sure he die to bore wan. So training start at Bukit Aman car park 6.00am every saturday, unless 35km start time will be 5.30am. My friend target time for SCKLM will be sub-marrine 3:30, aman!


amsyah said...

can join training ka? but from bukit aman LSD how far are you going? run slow slow can, ah?

C-CUBE said...

i dun think i can tahan your fren training regime. I will stick to my Sat morning training program and group as the backup group of yours. anyone not running as fast as your fren can join my group starting same time on Sat.

TWT said...

pm1, I really hope tat your friend will do well in his 1st ever Full Marathon and ayam quite confident tat he will. Will try my best to cope your friend's training regime.
The Full Marathon I also signed up liao gulp..

CP Waterman said...

Fuyoh I'm so happy for your fren Mr.See tat he has signed himself in for double half marathon and I'm sure he will make sub 3hr30 like a piece of cake.Cinya!
Happy training kau kau lat!

PM25 said...

haha...congrats. At last running marathon liao..hehe

yipwt said...

Finally a marathon...dun need to think 10 minutes lah...just sign on the dotted line.

John said...

Wow! Very happi for your fren We have waited for this historic moment for so long until neck also want to putus liao! Will celebrate his virgin 42km kau kau lat comes June 28! Yoohoo...!

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