Saturday, April 04, 2009

Der Kancheong Road to SCKLM : Wk 03/15th

What : Training for Cinya Kan Cheong SCKLM
When : 4th April '09, Saturday
Meeting Time : 5.55am
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park

Distance : 28.36km (9.64k + 2.27k x 4 Loops + 9.64k) according YS Lee GPS kok!

Attandant : Pm1, Stanley, Chin Teck Sin, Tang Wern Tien, Andrew Chan, Steven Khoo, Ameba, Kenny Tan, Wong Kei Ming, Suresh, Hannah Bobice Loh Kean Teong, Cheang Meng Wai n etc..

My Split Time :
9.64km - 52'54.36
2.27km - 11'50.01 > 1h 04m 44s
2.27km - 11'40.52 > 1h 16m 24s
2.27km - 11'34.73 > 1h 27m 59s
2.27km - 11'17.90 > 1h 39m 17s
9.64km - 48'30.94 > 2h 27m 48s

Others :
2'31.50 - Tang Wern Tian (28.36km)
2'33.02 - Stanley Cheong (28.36km)
2'49.15 - Chin Teck Sin (28.36km)
2'06.18 - Wong Kei Ming (21.55km)
1'50.30 - Suresh (20.19km)
2'52.20 - Cheang Meng Wai (20.19km)
1'07.45 - Hannah Loh Kean Teong (11km)

Cinya upset nia, coz my Fab5 (Fantastic 5) didnt perform very well today. First of all, Meyappan oredi DNS for 3 times liao, cinya cant wait to sepak his bontot went i see him. 2nd, Chin Teck Sin pancit after 2nd loops of petronas, performance down to der drain. 3rd, Wern Tien n Stanley ran out of gas for der remaining 9.64km. That mean, I have to run all by myself for der last 9.64km, cinya amkan.. non of them want to pace wit me liao. Cinya struggle running alone.

Anyway, I would say.. today training quite tough. Der half 1/2 pacing cinya fast, Kenny set der fire after 2km mark, however he only ran 20km nia, mean everyone cinya suffer for der 1st half, by der time running der loop, oredi cinya tough like kok, wit so many hill need to concure. After running more than 18km, only hv our pit stop for water station. Sumore der sun is heating up liao, so cinya hot like barbique.

No LSD next week, everyone is taking a break. There are 3 major races going on.. der BHP Orange Run, KRI 10 Miles & Larian Amal Banting. Training will resume back on 18th April 2009, n der distance will be reaching to 30km liao. Good luck everyone wherever U race!

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