Monday, May 11, 2009

Der Kancheong Road to SCKLM : Wk 08/15th

What : Training for Cinya Kan Cheong SCKLM
When : 9th May '09, Saturday
Starting Time #1 : 5.20am
Starting Time #2 : 6.05am
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Distance : 33.56km (2.6k x 2 + 9.64k + 2.27k x 4 + 9.64k) according YS Lee GPS kok!

Atandant : Pm1, Tang Wern Tien, Wong Kei Ming, Bryan Lee, Meyyapan, Andrew Chan, Steven Khoo, Chin TS, Hannah Bobice Loh, &
Rozmi (FFK)

My Split Time :
2.60km - 15'13.42
2.60km - 15.02.72 > 30'16.14 (pit stop)
9.64km - 54'40.96 > 1h 24m 57s
2.27km - 12'32.47 > 1h 37m 29s

2.27km - 12'15.03 > 1h 49m 44s (pit stop)
2.27km - 12'32.98 > 2h 02m 17s
2.27km -
12'08.25 > 2h 14m 25s (pit stop)
9.64km - 51'16.12 > 3h 05m 41s

Total Distance Cover : 33.56km

Others :
3'05.45 - Bryan Lee (33.56km)
2'53.48 - Chin Teck Sin (30.63km)
2'35.24 - Tang Wern Tien (28.36km)
2'44.30 - Meyappan (28.36km)
2'49.58 - Wong Kei Ming (24.48km)
1'58.22 - Andrew Chan (19.28km)
0'00.00 - Adam Loh (19.28km)
1'20.00 - Lionel Lee (13km)

I want to thanks to WKM, Steven n Bryan for willing to run wit me at 5.15am session, at least no so boring doing it alone. We manage to get back in time for der 2nd batch session started at 6am after we completed our 5km run. It was quite tough, my leg oredi heavy liao.. bcoz bird park loop oso got very giant hill to climb. On our way to hartamas, thank god no one staring der fire, it was a smooth sailing to sri hartamas + 2 loops of 2.27km b4 we take a break. Cinya thirsty like kok, almost finish up my 1 big bottle of gatorade. Then another 2 loops again, eventually my water oredi finish liao after that. Thank goodness Wern Tien got extra money in his pocket, grab 500ml of mineral water.. mmmm.. it taste so nice n yummy.

My watch oredi shown 2h 14m, weather was ok but cinya dry. I talk to der gang, make sure we all stick together n dont loose der gap on each other. Coz der last 10km really need motivation liao, thanks to Wern Tien who doing all der hard work.. setting der correct pace, lucky I still can follow. However, other slowly dropping off.

This week my LSD will be on sunday starting at 5.00am running der lake garden loops of 2.3km until 6.45am, then rejoin back NB 15km Run. By spoon or by kok, I must achieve at least 35km liao. With only 5 more week to do my LSD, cinya damn worry liao. Anyone who wish to join me, are most welcome. Will be running at very slow pace nia, from 6.00 mins per km to 5.30 mins per km.

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Rozmi @ Amin said...

pm1, so sorry....i'm over sleep..last night involve with MAKSAK M'sia Bowling opening ceremony @ De Palma ampang..