Sunday, May 17, 2009

Der Kancheong Road to SCKLM : Wk 9/15th

What : Training for Cinya Kan Cheong SCKLM
When : 17th May '09, Sunday
Starting Time #1 : 4.45am (Kei Ming)
Starting Time #2 : 5.20am (Ronnie)
Meeting Point : Lake Garden Children Playground
Distance to Cover : 2.3km x 9 & NB15km Run

Atandant : Pm1, Wong Kei Ming, Stanley Cheong, Meyappan?

I was late for my 20km run at LG, bcoz I suddenly want to pangsai. Drive my car to bkt aman look for der nearest toilet for SOS! Stanley text me, he oso will be late. We only started our run at 5.20am, Kei Ming start at 4.45am. As going round n round der loops, I realize we wont able to make it for der 9 loops. So we can only complete until 7 loops nia, der remaining I will do it after my NB Run. I only got 12.5 mins to do my changing baju, pant, shoe, sock & poof to der toilet. Cinya rush like hell, ngam-ngam reach der starting like at 6.59am, almost want to start liao. Eventually, my leg oredi like sotong liao.

I started from der back of der grid, at cinya slow pace nia bcoz a lot of blocking. No pressure, coz all I want is to do my LSD here. However, plenty of sayur to potong. Der only suffer I hv is running at der hill area, cinya der breathless. With last 4km to go after d water station, I'm very confident I still hv energy left for my 2 loops at LG.

After completed my NB Run, quickly rush to get water (Milo) to continue my suffering run. After completing my 1st loop, wan to hv another cup of milo again. TNS! so long queue, so I cincai grab der cereal milk as water lah, bcoz kenot tahan oredi. Finally I completed my 35km for today!! Yuhu!!

Next LSD will be at Pacemakers Circuit Run 2 coming this saturday, hope able to complete 2.3km x 16 loops. Before race, try to complete 2 loops. Then join der race for 13 loops, after race 1 bonus loop by determination. Total!

My Split Time :
02.3km [02.3km] - 13'39.51
02.3km [04.6km] - 12'55'40 > 26'34
02.3km [06.9km] - 12'30.95 > 39'05
02.3km [09.2km] - 12'13.48 > 51'19
02.3km [11.5km] - 12'05.64 > 1h 03m 24s
2.3km [13.8km] - 11'55.09 > 1h 15m 20s
02.3km [16.1km] - 11'32.40 > 1h 26m 52s
[31.2km] - 1h16.34 > 2h 43m 26s
02.3km [33.5km] - 11'48.88 > 2h 55m 14s
02.3km [35.8km] - 11'38.78 > 3h 06m 52s

Total Distance Cover : 35.8km

No Pain No Gain & Respect der TNS CCB KNS distance!

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Rozmi @ Amin said...

I'll join you around 6.00 am - Rozmi