Friday, May 01, 2009

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 1 pictures

Tough & hot like kok, could not breathe anymore.

Der most difficult running route, good for hill training.

Run out of water, have to quickly SOS for help on nearest outlet.

Kam Siah & Kum tung to der volunteers on d hard work, despite der hot weather.

Reporting time

Der CR1 Team

ICBC, Mr Kelvin Ng (Der Pia Face)

Der most entertainer Speaker Man

Ready to rock der CR1

54321 *poof*

My group pacer, however all hancur after 6 lap onwards.

Der leading pack group

More pictures will upload in few days at


puaygaik said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job by the organisers. The route was seriously madness but i enjoyed it. Thanks again! =)

Khoo Kong Wah said...

Guys - u fellas r great. Nice run, great organizing and the effort to make good for the beginners. Looking forward to the night run.