Friday, May 01, 2009

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 1 - Race Report

This is one of der most toughest circuit run I ever had, my condition for today is very bad. Quite tired oso before der event start, coz I have to help out a lot. For a start, I didnt dare to push hard. Jus mantain as my normal training pace, coz I was thinking of completing 12th loops if possible..

I got 2 pacer wit me, Selvaganesh & der speedy Hamidon as a group pacer. However, after 4 loops, Selva drop off liao n Hamidon can pace wit until 6 loops nia. So der rest I go on my own liao, Slowly I catch up wit CB Leow, manage to pace wit him for almost a loops. From 8 loops onwards, I almost ran out of gas liao, due to der hot weather, hilly course & n der amkan staircase to climb.

I have to rely on der front runners as my motivation to carry on, keep potong sayur runners. And to my shock, Jasni loops me 1 loops when I almost finish my 9 loops. I was looking forward for der top 5 runners, but non of them can be seen. Look like Naresn & Rozmi off der hook from me today, Lake Garden is my training place, but today is was not my day to sayur them. I'll be back!!

My Split Time :
01 Loops - 13'10.00
02 Loops - 13'20.32 > 26'30.32
03 Loops - 13'32.48 > 40'02.80
04 Loops - 13'33.59 > 53'36.39
05 Loops - 13'43.26 > 1h 07m 19s
06 Loops - 13'50.91 > 1h 21m 10s
07 Loops - 14'15.35 > 1h 35m 25s
08 Loops - 14'33.03 > 1h 49m 58s
09 Loops - 14'52.25 > 2h 04m 51s
10 Loops - 14'52.77 > 2h 19m 43s

Congratulation for all runners who completed der 28km of circuit run, especially der women categories. some run very slow, but they really determined to finish it, evethon is oredi in der cut off time. However, we still wait for them, before we tutup gerai.

Der next Circuit Run 2, will be held on 23rd May 2009 (saturday) at Lake Garden. Starting point will be a Tapak A (bigger space over there), starting time will be at night 7.30pm. This is der 1st time we are experience organising race a night, distance to be confirm later. Bt no more running at carcosa route, juz inside der lake only.

Look out for our open registration for der next few day, only 100 runners will be qualify to run on 1st come 1st served basic.

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jue said...

serious ah doing nite run at LG? pls make sure got tough guys as marshals coz LG is dangerous after 7.30pm especially for ladies. no ladies should be running alone at any stretch.

better be safe then sorry nia