Sunday, May 24, 2009

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 2

Date : Saturday, 23rd May 2009
Time : 8.25pm (delay due to rain)
Starting Point : Tapak A Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 2.3km x 13 loops (29.9km)

Result :
Result will be update soon latest by end of der day, coz der race director is busy wit his exam today. Let hope n pray he will pay der exam ya!

Late Start :
It was a bad hair day, raining like cat n dog from 6pm onward from all over der klang valley. I hope to apologies to all der runners for der late start, some ppl were cought in der jam due to der heavy rain. Rain only start to slow down by 8pm, we waited until 8.25pm to flag off der race.

Timekeeper Error :
Again I want to apologies to those runners who hv run extra loop, we oredi try our best to cutting down all der mistake. I hope u treat this event as for training, not serious race. Sometime human also make error, all der volunteers oso working very hard for it. Any TNS KNN or CCB pls come to me, I will apologies to you. If you hv ur own 13 loops timing, do email it to wongkeiming@hotmail for update ya!

Last Runner finish at 1.20am :
Very salute to May Ang (bib B08) for her determination to finish it, eventho everyone has gone back home oredi. But we are there to support her to finish it, we even have a volunteers wit motorbike to acompany her for der last loop, due to der darkness at certain area. Check out der video clip @ here!

Pacemakers Circuit Run 3?
Sorry ya, there will be no more CR3. Very paiseh to do it oredi after coming out so many mistake we hv done. Eventho so many ppl are asking us to do it, I think we need to hv a rest and d a post morten about it.

My LSD down to der drain :
I supposed to do 16 loops for der CR2, due to der rain. I was so busy until very tired, dont hv a proper warm up, in der end I only completed 13 loops nia. After that I kenot go anymore liao, very der amkan!

Here are my 13 loops split time :
01 Loop - 10'42.16
02 Loop - 10'56.35 > 0'21.38
03 Loop - 11'11.53 > 0'32.50
04 Loop - 11'14.88 > 0'44.04
05 Loop - 11'12.41 > 0'55.17
06 Loop - 11'18.69 > 1'06.36
07 Loop - 11'31.34 > 1'18.07
08 Loop - 11'42.74 > 1'29.50
09 Loop - 11'50.18 > 1'41.40
10 Loop - 11'53.83 > 1'53.34
11 Loop - 11'51.44 > 2'05.25
12 Loop - 11'48.47 > 2'17.14
13 Loop - 11'21.82 > 2'28.35

Total Distance Cover : 29.9km

GPS measurement by YS Lee : 2.26km (29.38km)

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...


dont blame yourself for those minor defects, you not a pro in this kind of event.

you n your team sb very proud for successfully organized the event.

overall, i'm enjoyed the race.
bravo!! keep it on :)

weng khong, pm35.

nonvespa said...

congrats to all the volunteers ... my first time ever ran more than 20K ... however it is a gud training ground ... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Please publish the name of all the volunteers. Great commitment!!!

jue said...

pm1, no need to feel bad for the shortcoming. am sure most runners will understand. u have done more than u should.

Anonymous said...


hope der pacemakers can organise the last (3rd) circuit run No 3 one week before the SCKL marathon (21/6/2009) and hopefully
make as early as possible coz
we had suffer experienced for hot sun on the circuit run 1 on 1/5/2009

Keat Seong said...

the run was very well managed and organized, and nothing is perfect, but we can learn from it and make it a better one next time... life is always a learning process :)

hope there's a CR3 coming up :)

Anonymous said...

we are waiting for the cr3 before SCKL marathon

hopefully on 14/6 or 21/6

sgloong said...

yeah Ronnie, congrats to you and your team...very good work all round... we are thankful even though for late start and raining like hell due to no fault of the committees... as for running extra round i am one of the guilty party but i really wanted to breach the 30k distance and not because the volunteers didnt count properly... so no apologies required... so bring on the CR3 ...

goldbaeq said...

Dear PM1,

Congrats and kudos to u n ur team..for me, i was a well organised event in terms of logistics and safety(volunteers escort last runner)..even der weather after the rain...just nice..

Mind with the minor mishaps...ebody enjoyed der run...

Hope u can consider for CR3, but not at LG lah,kenot tahan wan...hehehe

Congrats again...