Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mileage for this week - 70.28km

Meeting Pts : Bukit Aman Car Park
Starting Time : 6.30am
Distance : 9.64km x 2 (19.28km)
Attendants : Pm1, WKM, Chin TS, Malvin & Rujhan

Cinya happy able to reach 70km plus for this week, bcoz I oso dont know how many donkey year oredi I haven been hitting that high mileage since I got injury in 2004.

Recovery Run my kok!
It supposed to be easy run, coz friday everyone oredi kong liao. As usual I always got Chin Teck Sin as my pacer for der early stage. Everything turn out fine, went come to sri hartamas hill, everyone start to on turbo liao, so we reach hartamas in 52m 59s. Chin, Malvin & Ruhjan all finish at der same time too.

to be continue, baby cry liao! *poof*

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jue said...

u guys cinya hardcore mania runners! bravo bravo