Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adidas Running Community (Only for Beginner)

FYI, this program is only for Beginner, elite or regular runners are not entitle but can join for fun. Those who are interested, kindly submit your entry form to Ronnie See or Wong Kei Ming at KLCC Park (Tues) or Lake Garden Playground (Thurs).

How does it work?

* Regular weekly run with personal trainer :
You will be provided a proper training lesson.

* Motivation & Information on running :

You will be provided training tips, advice, proper foods, workouts etc.

* Adidas incentive program :
You will be entitled Adidas free gift.
- Water bottle
- Pouch

* Adidas Privilege & Loyalty card :
You will receive attendance card.
8 lessons - 10% discount for Adidas products
16 lessons - 20% discount for Adidas products
24 lessons - 30% discount for Adidas products

* Free registration for Adidas KOTR :
The most committed 20 beginners chosen will be entitled a
Free entry for adidas KOTR for 10km or 8km.

* Incremental discount on purchase of running product :
The more Adidas item you buy, the more discount you will get.

See You Soon!!


zulhassan said...

ronnie me chap ayam boleh ke? :D

wehhh ada kasut pree tak???

jue said...

we join in to run together also cannot meh? cinya

kaki LARI said...

wah..mesti join ni..huhu

C-CUBE said...

Running Community only for Beginners, wat does that mean? Izit like a Beginners Program.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to join this......

blardee rookie,

jue said...

since i am sapu lantai runner, sure can include me, right?

so, similar with runnersmalaysia lah. but runnersmalaysia don't limit to begginer only wor. sometimes i also join them.

Yin said...

Hmm, what is considered as Beginners? How long you've run or do they look at timing? If timing, since I'm so slow, I'll qualify :P

zulhassan said...

haiya so kompius??? wa pun baru liau tak pernah menang race lagi ....

feifeipinky said...

wah...with my speed like kura kura...errm...i can join boh? hahaha

Ronnie See @ Pm1 said...

dear runnners, this is der program is only for beginners, mean that whoever don't have proper training, guidelines to running, regular runners can come and join for fun.

stanley said...

For beginners, intermediate, advance, pro, elite female mui mui chye runners, pls enroll with me ya. Sorry, no discrimination on runners nia, just a matter of preference :P

Sue's Ramblings said...
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Sue said...

Any spots left? Would like to participate.