Sunday, June 14, 2009

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 3 (Final)

Thanks You kau-kau lat!

I want to take this opportunity to thanks to everyone, der runners, der volunteers, der sponsors & Bukit Jalil Club for making this Circuit Run a successful event. Hope everyone taking this Circuit Run as part of ur hardcore training for d upcoming marathon and oso have a good time. I could said all der Circuit are quite tough, but we are glad all this is over for liao. Juz want to wish you guys all der best for ur SCKLM 2009 (Gambatay!)

Btw, I heard there was a breaking kok news, a big tree falling from yday event during d 1st loop. Thanks god, lucky no one get hurt and still can continue d run. I was not aware about it, bcoz I was in der leading pack. Only d back pack runners know about it. Sorry for d inconveniene ya, paiseh nia.

Result will be out only on monday night, coz der Race Director computer kong liao!
der falling tree mark, click der image for more detail. Pictures courtesy from Rozmi Yunus

Here are my split time :
3.2km - 03.2km : 15'07.24
3.0km - 06.2km : 14'21.02 > 29'28.26
3.0km - 09.2km : 14'42.55 > 44'10.81
3.0km - 12.2km : 15'00.93 > 59'11.74
3.0km - 15.2km : 14'57.88 > 1h 14m 09s
3.0km - 18.2km : 15'11.95 > 1h 29m 21s
3.0km - 21.2km : 14'40.75 > 1h 44m 02s

Extra Loop :
3.0km - 24.2km : 18'13.71 > 2h 02m 16s
(Distance are base on Rozmi gps kok)

Thanks to Bryan Lee for pacing wit me from start until finish, lucky he never sayur me. haha! der last loop was quite pressure, Bryan follow me until cinya tight. I tot want to hv a relax run at der last loop, so that I can can carry on der extra 1 more loop. Anyway I feel very happy wit my run today, eventho it was tough wit so many hill to climb. But I learn my pace well, never feel tired.. that why I still can carry on der extra loop.

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Khoo Kong Wah said...

The volunteers r such a great pack. Good job. Thoroughly enjoyed it... Thank you..