Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon

What : New Balance Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon
When : 7th June 2009
Where : Setia Alam Welcome Centre, Klang
Distance : 21.41km (according to YS Lee gps kok)
Distance : 21.76km (according to Gaby gps kok)
Time : 6.30am
Medal : Finisher Medal

My 2nd Half Marathon Trial Run for der kan cheong SCKLM
After my failure in der 1st trial run at bidor, this time I say to myself must pia all out watever it take eventho I'm still not recover from my last week LSD 37km. From der start I oredi tekan liao, but der speed still not good enuf to catch der speedy Naresh. I was trailing him all der way until 1/2 mark, which after I over take him. Suddenly I run of concerntration, due to der road offical juz keep quiet eventho I run der wrong route. It was Naresh who shout at me, then I only make u-turn back. From there I very geram liao, bcoz der front pack was way ahead kenot been seen liao. So no choice, I hv to pace wit Naresh. Worry I go wrong way again, damn amkan!

Der finishing was quite tough, oredi can see der ending point liao. However need to make der long u-turn of 2km, my mind really want to explode. But I never give, I start to pull away from Naresh. Which I hv a confortable lead from him liao, I nly got myself to be blame for taking it easy at der last 200m. Naresh come from behind like mad dog to catch me and he finally sayur me by a nose nia.

Anyway I'm very happy wit der timing, after I know der actual distance is above 21km.

Average Pace : 4'25 per km according to dist of 21.41km
If actual 21km, my timing shb be 1'32.45, mean I oredi achieve my target of sub 1'33!

Next Stop : Pacemakers Circuit Run 3 (Final)

Men Open 21.41km :
1'30.37 - Ben Swee, Pm50 (9th)
1'31.15 - Murali Nathan (10th)

1'31.42 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28 (11th)
1'34.40 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (12th)

1'34.41 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (13rd)
1'35.07 - Lionel Lee (14th)
1'37.26 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (17th)

1'40.14 - Chin Teck Sin (20th)
1'40.46 - Meyyappa Manickam, Pm58 (21st)
1'42.20 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (23rd)
1'42.59 - Bong Teck Yong (25th)
1'43.39 - Ruhjan (29th)
1'46.31 - Abdul Azri (38th)

1'50.50 - Andrew Chan, Pm59 (51st)

1'51.40 - Gaby Chau (54th)
1'54.46 - Wong Kei Ming, Pm55 (65th)

1'59.18 - Kevin Chow, Pm32 (81st)
1'59.29 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (82nd)

0'00.00 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17

Men Veteran 21.41km :
1'36.15 - Alam Shah Ismail (4th)
1'36.18 - Daniel Tan (5th)
1'42.18 - John Tan, Pm30 (12th)
1'51.41 - Hannah Loh, Pm29 (34th)
1'54.00 - Lee Yee Sum (37th)
1'56.11 - Tay Poh Chye (41st)
2'07.31 - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (64th)

Men Open 11km :
52.10 - Suresh, Pm47 (21st)

53.54 - Nazib Ngainin, Pm14 (26th)
57.15 - Ghejanthran (38th)

Women Open 21km :
2'31.00 - Chek Yin Huay (14th)

What : Malakoff 26 km Penang 2009
Where : Taman Perbandaran (Youth Park), Penang
When : 7th June 2009 @ 5.30 am
Distance: 25.62 km (by Garmin FR405)

Men Open :
2'02.40 - Raymond Ng, Pm48

2'07.49 - Kenny Tan, Pm27
2'18.42 - Kho Kwang Leng
2'29.23 - Victor Loh

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