Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon - Update

Crazy organiser, Half Marathon oso want to start so early. Reporting at 2am, starting at 3am, ppl no need to sleep meh? This is totally nut! By der time I finish my run, it would be around 4.40am, dark like hell, n go back hotel n sleep back again.. ahahahaha!

Date: Sunday, November 22 2009

Starting time: 3am (tentative schedule)

Finishing Time: 3 hours (Three hours)

Reporting Time: 2am (tentative schedule)

Start Location: Queensbay Mall

Entry Fee: RM40.00

Closing registration date: October 22nd 2009

Distance ~ 21KM (Exact distance measurement will announce once IAAF officer certified the route)

More update pls click der link here!


aharis said...

Maybe dia mau kasi kereta boleh guna jambatan awal. Better they do night marathon - Runners can sleep after that.

ChooChengLiang said...

2 days ago the PBIM organisers issued a statement to turnaround and stick the starting times to those of last year's, i.e. Full marathon 3.00am, Half marathon 4.30am, Quarter Marathon 6.00am and Fun Run 6.30am