Saturday, July 04, 2009

5th Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2009

Date : Sunday, 30 August 2009
Time : 7:30am Sharp
Start Point / End : Tapak A, Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Website :
Enquires : 016-2166277 Wong Kei Ming OR 012-2795208 Ronnie See

Proposed Itinerary:
06:00am : Arrival of volunteers
06:30am : Arrival of runners and distribution of bibs
06:55am : Last call for distribution of bibs
07:15am : Briefing by designated spokesman
07:30am : Race officially starts for all teams
08:05am : Estimated arrival of top team finisher
08:15am : Light breakfast will be served
09:00am : Estimated finishing time of last team
09:30am : Trophy presentation to all team winners
10:00am : End of event

Category and Distance :
- Competitve Category - 9.2km (2.3km x 4)
- Non-Competitive Fun Run - 6.9km (2.3km x 3)

Important Note : Female Runners will be the first leg!!!
- Each team is required to get mixed runners (Male + Female)
- Competitive teams can be formed as follow :
1) 3 males + 1 female
2) 2 males + 2 females
3) 1 male + 3 females

- Non-competitive teams can be formed as follow :

1) 1 male + 2 females
2) 2 males + 1 female
3) 3 males or
4) 3 females

Register Online :
Online registration must email to Race Director Wong Kei Ming ( with your team member Full name, D.O.B, contact number, T-shirt size, email address and most importantly the Team Name.

FYI, The team name must not more than 18 letter word. Because we want your team name nicely fit into the bib we designed.

Registration Fee :
- RM120 for competitive team
- RM90 for non-competitive team

Payment Method :
Payment can be bank-in to Maybank account No: 1-12241-11208-3, payable to WONG KEI MING

Your entry will be confirmed only after payment has been made. Kindly make your payment on or before 31st July 2009. Please inform us after you have made the payment.

Registration : OPEN!
Registered participants / teams who do not turn up on race day will be disqualified and no medals will be awarded.

Finisher Medal :
All finishers will be awarded finishing medal regardless of completion time at the finishing station, located a short distance from the finishing line.

Position Trophy :
- Position Trophies will be awarded to the top 5 teams
- Only competitive category qualified for trophies

Refreshment Station :
There will be refreshment station located 10m after the starting point. Both isotonic drinks and mineral water will be available to all runners.

Collection of T-Shirt and Bib :
Participants shall collect their t-shirts and bib numbers during the reporting time. Please take note that t-shirts and bib numbers will not be distributed after 7.00am. Runners that do not wear their bib number will be disqualified. The race will be flag off at 7:30am sharp, therefore your punctuality will be much appreciated.

T-Shirt Size :
How to know the size? Please refer to the measurement as follows :

Shoulder x Length
XS : 18" x 26"
S : 19" x 27"
M : 20" x 28"
L : 21" x 29"
XL: 22" x 30"

T-shirt size are not allow to change once you confirm the size (Pls take note that we only order for the exact quantity of the T-shirt).

Note :
- Please indicate your t-shirt size of every member when you register!!!
- Please be informed that the size of the t-shirts are quite big!!!
- You may consider M size if you are wearing L size.

Breakfast / Group Photographs :
Food and refreshments will be served after the race. Please throw the rubbish into the provided garbage bags to facilitate cleaning up. Do to keep the park clean and LITTERING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you wish to have group photographs taken, kindly ask our cameraman on duty for assistance.

Parking :
Ample parking is available at the children playground, FREE of charge.

Public Toilet :
20 cents per entry (Open @ 7am)

Check Points :
Due to a number of shortcuts available along the Lake Gardens routes, there will be checkpoints along the way, to ensure a fair competition for every participant. Marshalls in charge will ensure each participant runs the correct route.

Waiver Clause :
The participants hereby agree to abide by the rules and conditions of the race, participants are entering the competition at their own risk and shall not hold the organiser responsibility for any accident, injury, death, loss of property however cause before, during and after the race.

'Do train hard and smart prior to the race as you will be rewarded with a well deserved a unique designed trophy for all your hard work and effort.'

brought 2u by der Pacemakers Network 2009

Preliminary medal design

Preliminary T-shirt design - dryfit (Front)

Back View

Bib Design for Competative (2.3km X 4)

Bib Design for Fun Run (2.3km X 3)

brought 2u by Pacemakers Network


zuddin said...

hello.. how to register?

Stanley said...

Anyone interested to form a team? Be it Competitive/Non-competitive. Call/sms me 012-2576233. TQ.

feifeipinky said... usual. automatic volunteering... ;)
cool..pacemaker run is getting more & more professional.

see hee said...

Hi...can we check if we can join the race if we are not pacemaker members?....and next question, if we are going for non-competitive run, how many loops each runner is required to complete?


PM1 said...

Category and Distance :
- Competitve Category - 9.2km (2.3km x 4)
- Non-Competitive Fun Run - 6.9km (2.3km x 3)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Khoo Kong Wah said...

Looking forward to the race.

I wld not go even if it is free if I dun enjoy; in the same breath, if it is something I like, I dun mind paying even big bucks.

I hv been enjoying ur past runs.

jue said...

i cinya like the color. just put my name in any column u deem fit. then drop me a line and i'll be there!!!

yes, pm race is 100x better than scklm 2009!!!!! :) :) :)

C-CUBE said...


have some courtesy to introduce urself before making passing remarks that the registration fee is expensive. if u dont even dare to tell us who u are, dont be a chicken backside and make noise

And if u think the run is too expensive, then dont join lah. nobody is forcing u to join the run. come on, standup and show us ur guts, dont just hide under the tempurung and criticise.

if u think u r so great, then organise a run for us which is FOC and give us the same amount of services and food/drink.

feifeipinky said...

i agree with the group..anony..u shouldn't judge us with ur inconsiderate words.

if ur are so great & know so much about organising a race, show us who u are!

do u know how much effort we have to put in & make sure all the runners enjoy their race??

Please filter ur words in ur brain before saying it out...oppss! i wonder if u have one. sigh!

jue said...

aiyoo . . . pls don't be sooooOOO harsh on anony. freedom of expression mah. he can write what he wants.

but hooorrr, anony, have u ran in any PM's race or not?

if YES - pls tell what was wrong and need improvement.

if NO - what qualified u to give such comment?

and if you are interested, pls come and join our organising team. u r most welcome. all of us do on voluntary basis only. so don't expect any payment unless stanchart want to be our sponsor lah. but your makan and minum will be taken care by runners.

pm21 said...

If you think the race is so expensive, you got your right to choose not to join the race. No one forcing you and you are not welcome if you are not enjoy the race.