Sunday, July 19, 2009

PAR5 - Latest Dryfit Shirt (Sample)

Just got der sample of PAR5 T-shirt from der supplier today, however he told me that all der size will be in asian size. Cinya amkan! Lucky U guy still can change if der size does not fit you. We will give you der deadline until this wednesday to do so.

I kenot find any model to test der t-shirt, so hor.. temporary me and my wife as a sample loh.

Size M : (color Red) For Volunteers sahaja. I Prefer M size, nicely fit to my body.

Size S : (color Apple Green) For Runners (back view)

Size S : For Runners (front view)

Size M : For Volunteers (front view)

Size M : For Volunteers (back view)

Sorry ya, I only got size S & M as a sample from der supplier.

If u wish to change der T-shirt size, quickly send ur email to

Thank you!


zul said...

green ..look like powerman 08 shirt

Cheryl said...

wld be very helpful if you can let us have the shoulder length measurement of your samples. At least we can 'agak agak' from there.

fei chai said...

yup.. it will be more convenient where although is Asian size.. a lot of different measurement from diff dealer...

can send post it up?


Moi Moi...u slim down oledi ah? Back to good figure! Congrats!