Monday, July 13, 2009

PAR5 Latest Team Update

Look like nobody want to run for fun in PAR5, everyone oso want to pia! Der Pia category cinya in hot cakes, we decided to extend to 30 teams due to pupular demand & reduce der Fun Run category to 10 teams only. Those who yet to sign up, kindly do so while stock last.

Competitive Category - 25 Teams / 30 Teams

Fun Run Category - 4 Teams / 10 Teams

More detail, click here!

PAR5 T-shirt design is finally confirm by shirt supplier, cinya happy. This will be our Pacemakers 1st official event T-shirt, never in my life that we can come this far. However, there there still plenty room to improve. Most important person I want to thanks is Tan Sri Rohaizad for der contribution, Rohaizad has been der main sponsor for PAR Run since 2nd installation. I hope he will sponsor our PAR Run forever n ever.. haha! Thanks you Rohaizad!!!

Final Shirt Design (dry-fit)

Additional orders are allow for participants or non-participants at cost RM18 per shirt, kindly make your order thru Wong Kei Ming, including your shirt size & payment too.

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RunWitMe said...

Thank you in a bed of yam leaves, Tan Sri Rohaizad! :)