Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Statement from Otak-Kong

As the organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, we at Octagon acknowledge all comments and feedback received about the management of the Marathon on 28 June.

We regret that some runners faced water shortage during the run. We had 50,000 litres of water and isotonic drinks, with water stations located every 2.5kms along the route but we acknowledge that the distribution of water was not ideal. We apologise once again for this.

As for the distance markers, we stress that such indicators were placed at every kilometre along the route. On the advice of the technical committee, it was decided that the markers would only be for the Full Marathon which is the practice of all international marathons around the world. However we take note of your input in this area for future implementation.

We also acknowledge that nearly half of the participants in the 5km run took a wrong turn and ended up running a shorter route. Together with our partners, MAAU and FTAAA, we are looking into how this could have happened.

We have also received feedback regarding the shortage of Finisher’s Medal for the Full Marathon. We have noted this and have compiled a list of those who have yet to receive a medal. We will notify them immediately about the collection of their medals accordingly. The shortage of medals came about as a result of several individuals collecting more than one medal.

Overall, the race was well received and many have indicated that they would participate next year. We aim to provide a better experience in 2010, with your feedback being instrumental to that.

Thank you.


jue said...

i don't smell any sincerity in this otak gone statement. still in denial mode and keep pointing fingers.
as responsible organiser, they should own up to their mistakes. at least it will redeem some dignity in them.
i will not take part in scklm 2010 with otak gone as organiser or at least until they have proven themselve in the future.
many 1st time full marathoners in the spirit of sportsmanship keep going without water on the highway without knowing the serious implication.
for a self-proclaimed world-class organiser - shame on you for all the blunders!

flyguy said...

I do agree and share with most of runner which end up what kind of stupid idiot and the worst ever marathon event..
1.It's take me an hour to queue up under the sun just to collect 1 bib number..
2.why most of the running route not close and we have to taken our own risk running with mat rempit.
3.what ? realy a urgly running route ever with full of pole hole's and no street light..
4.howcome no marshal standby at every road's make me and one kenya U-TURN cause runing the wrong road..
5.where is the promised power gel ??
6.where is the red, blue, yellow...balloon..for indicated the paces we running... let you all know, one of the mashal who driving X-TRIL nissan official car along the route can gave me the wrong direction while I'm running the full marathon..what is this..?

Khairul Anuar said...

I agree with Jue, they don't seem sincere and I doubt with all the politicking and red tape in M'sia, anything will be improved. They are contracted for another 9 years, nobody can change that. Anybody who are sensible enough would not join it next year. Would u wanna risk ur health, or even lives? They might be able to rectify some parts of it but what about things like traffic control, race routes and volunteer supply?
Let's see what happened next year. I'll not join but i'll probably go there to cheer those poor souls who still wanna do it after 2009 debacle.

AhYap said...

Otak-Kong didn't mention about the T-Shirt Size! I got both L for the running T and the finisher T, so big even transformer can wear.

Didn't meantion about the long queue on BIBc collection as well.