Sunday, August 23, 2009

19.28KM Season Best

What : Training for PIBM
When : 23rd August 2009
Where : Bkt Aman to Sri Hartamas
Distance : 9.64km + 9.64km 19.32km

Cinya unbelievable, der last 9.64km is like pia pace. Credit must goes to Kenny Tan, he setting der excellent pace from start until finish. Plus sumore he doing der extra loop of petronas, which Pm1, Stanley & Hong Zi Shen decided take a break (very paiseh). Kenny is untouchable when come to hill part, there is no way can get near him. But all of us try our best today to stay as close as we can, that is part of der training. I'm so happy for today run eventho tired like kok!

Week 01/16 > 8th Aug '09

Distance : 19.28km achieve!a
Timing : 1h 39m 38s (51'32 / 48'06)

Week 02/16 > 16th Aug '09
Distance : 19.28km achieve!
Timing : 1h 36m 25s (49'39 / 46'46)

Week 03/16 > 23rd Aug '09
Distance : 19.28km achieve!
Timing : 1h 35m 49s (51'41 / 44'07)

Week 04/16 > 30th Aug '09
No LSD, prepare for Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2009

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