Tuesday, August 18, 2009

der 5th Pacemakers Anniversary Relay - Update

Dear participants of PAR5,

Please be informed that u your t-shirts of whole team can be collected on this Thursday before 6.30pm or after 7.15pm. Do inform Wong Kei Ming or Ronnie in advance before Thursday.



Super Rookie said...

Thanks..where can we meet?

Wong Kei Ming said...

meeting point at Lake Garden Children Playground :)

Super Rookie said...


Lake Garden is not convenient on weekday, but if you happen to train at Lake Permaisuri any day this week, let me know. I can collect there.

Wong Kei Ming said...


monday at permaisuri park opposite HUKM, 6.25pm, i will be doing hill training there.

please call me if u cannot see me on monday. 0162166277

Super Rookie said...

Ok, I'll see you on next Monday.

Please bring along the shirts/bibs for all the 3 rookies. Thanks!