Sunday, August 30, 2009

der 5th Pacemakers Anniversary Relay - Thank You Note

30th August 2009 :

First of all, i would like to thanks Tan Sri Rohaizad, the main sponsor for the event, also thanks to Kenny Tan, Lai Fong Sang, Choi Chik Choy, Chin Yong Heng, Frank Chong, to be our co-sponsor.

Next, thanks to those who help hanging banner and other volunteering job on Saturday a day before the race day. Our photograghers of the event for their effort in taking pictures of the event. Thanks to all volunteers for sacrificing your sleeping time to assist us and make the event a success.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and grateful to everyone who had taken part in our pacemakers anniversary run 2009, without your attendance and support, the event will not happen. I apologies if there is anything we had done and said wrongly. I hope everyone enjoy the race today, Once again, thank you very much, really appreciate it!

Note :
To all the participants, appreciate if you could kindly give us some comments about the Pacemakers Anniversary Run. We welcome all the comments irrespective of positive or negative. Because we still learn from mistake, without your advice, we won't be able to improve further. Thank You.
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Hp number : 016-2166277


jue said...

why happy new year 2008? 2009 already going to end ler . . . .

tho' it rain . . . truly enjoy the event. kamsiah to all timekeepers who stayed on n kept me company during the rain . . . LOL

feifeipinky said...

hey..hope u all ok & survive after rain, body temperature got a bit high. quickly took panadol & vit C just now..hahaha..

Khoo Kong Wah said...

A great run by pacemakers as usual. Enjoyed it.

Great thanks to the volunteers @ Nasi Lemak station who diligently protected it from the rain so that we can partake it.

Thanks guys..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron & Gang,

It was indeed a very succesful event! No hick-ups or whatsoever! We really enjoyed it!

We really look forward to have more running clubs like The Pacemakers to manage a running event like this!

Keep it up!