Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KL Rat Race 2009

The START / FINISH point of KL Rat Race 2009 @ Bursa Malaysia

Maybank Hari-Mau Mascot

Supporters from IREKA

SAPURA supporters

RHB supporters with their CEO

Maybank cheerleading aka HIAU team

Sweetie Pie waiting for the race to start

CIMB cheerleaders team

1st CEO to come back

The most Pia & Suffering CEO face

Who is Fat and wanna take part?

The Famous YELLOW MAN!!!!

Fitness First cheer group

Are these hot chicks?

CIMB cheerleader

Der Fei Chai (Fat Boy) from Dijaya Group

IJM cheerleader

The sweetest cheerleader of them all (from IJM)

Go Meyya Go......

Is this Lee Weng Khong, i cant recognise woh!!!

Azzurie from CIMB

Jess Tang - 1st women finisher....CONGRATULATIONS

Chased by Tan Khee Meng, cinya sunfoo. Must pia like kok

Tan Khee Meng suffering face!!!! Pia Johnny Pia.....

Stylo Milo Runner

Very Focus & Photogenic Runner

I want to die liao, but Yellow Man waiting for me woh

Is this Ryan Teoh Mei Mei brader, look so alike, cinya!!!!

Running with grace

The Cowlady on the streets of KL

Very der Yau Yeng running posture

She holds her purse to run, cinya

Der Celcom Blue Power Puff Girl


yen said...

The captions are really funny. Very entertaining, but sometimes too many Hokkien, don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

hi ron,

yes, it was me!!
suffering face towards the ending point..but cinya happy too cause i managed to get better oosition than last yr.. overall i got 12th, but for my own category,i managed to make it into top 10..

thanks for the pic :)

lee weng khong, pm35

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