Monday, August 31, 2009

PAR5 Photos Album 2009

All der hardcore ladies, ready for PIA showdown.

Der leading bachang pack

Lian Bee Hoon (Chindian Pacemakers), wit her Spirit of Pia!

This picture look more like 4x100m relay action

Murali Nathan, setting der fastest lap wit 8'27 and der team emerge champion!

Volunteers at work

Rain start to pour

Despite raining like cat n dog, this little girl still carry on wit her Sprit of Pia!

Our motorbike road Marshall still on work, make sure der last runner come back in peace.

Rain or Shine, der work still carry on.

Breakfast in der rain (kar liew)

No where to run liao

Der biggest team support for PAR5, der KK Pacers.. they come wit 5 lori, I mean 5 teams.

Group Photos

Jumping Joy!

Medal Front View

der back View

Goodbye PAR5, see u next year 2010!

more pictures pls click der link here!

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Kit said...

great photos

Kit @pM9