Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PAR5 - Route Survey

This is der additional route for 2.6km course, sorry ya, camera ran out of space oredi. This is der only shot available, pls be extra careful when going down der hill. Coz cinya cinya steep!

FYI, der video clip only cover der distance of 500m, remaining 2.1km running at der normal lake garden loop, regular runners shd know by heart liao. There will be Marshall n AWAS tape along der route whenever there is a junction, especially der new route.

Important Note :
Female Runners will be the first leg!!! except Fun Run category. U will be receiving a reporting card upon reporting, Team Captain is required to fill in der final line up and submit to us after completion of der last runner of our team.

Note from runwitme

I'm not a native Hokkien speaker...but here's the romanised lyrics with English translation. Comments are appreciated. Kamsiah!

You can have karaoke session here oso...!

Ai pia jia eh yia

一时失志 不免怨叹
Chi shi si ci e mian huan dan
At a time when we lose, our ego would naturally blame.

一时落 魄不免胆寒
Chi si lo bie e mian dan han
At a time when we fall, our soul would naturally be terrified

那通失去希望 每日醉茫茫
Na tang sit gi hii bang, mui lit zui bang bang
The memory of going through days of losing hopes and getting drunk

Mbo hun wu dei qing qiu tiu jao lang
My body is without a soul just like a scarecrow

Yin shing ko pi si hai siong e po long
But life really is just like the tide of the sea

Wu si gii wu si luo
They rise and fall by turn

Ho un pai un
Goodluck, Badluck

Cong ma ciao gi kang lai kia
Really, you just have to wake up and get to work, do it.

三分天注定 七分靠打拼
Sa hun ti cut tia, jit hun ko ba pia
Thirty percent is Heaven's will, Seventy percent is hard work

Ai pia jia eh yia
To win, you have to give your all.

brought 2u by runwitme


Super Rookie said...

cinya cool...cinya inspirational...

sgloong said...

very good.... now i can sing hokkien karaoke also... must be Kelvin's favourite song also...