Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week LSD (Amkan Day)

Date : 12th September 2009, Saturday
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Time : 6.27am
Distance : 19.28km GPS Kok!

Result :
1'35.51 - Ronnie See (50'08 / 45'43)
1'39.09 - Kenny Tan (53'27 / 45'42)

Cinya sleepy like kok, baby want to sleep only at 1am. It so hard to wake up, oredi promise Kenny Tan I will show up. Spend too much in der toilet, so I was late to Bkt Aman. Kenny oredi cinya kan cheong waiting for me liao, glad to see him there, der rest of der gang FFK.

We only hv Andrew n Marvin start together, after 2km plus.. kenot smell their smoke liao. Kenny said he was very tired today n not on Par. Wit 2km to water stop, Kenny oredi shown red light liao, so only left me carry on wit der pia.

On der way back oso feel tired, but we still try our best to finish a good quality time. I was hoping to break below 1'35, seem like impossible liao. Body cinya tired, but glad we finish in once peace.

On der way back home, after driving more than 1km plus.. suddenly my car got "krak krak" sound. Oh oh.. tayar pancit liao, Amkan! So I hv to stop my car at der busy roundabout toward KTM or dataran which I come from bird park. So park in front DBKL lorry, at least got them to block der car for safety.

I remember this, as Loke Shu Sun told me b4. If 10 ppl of DBKL are at der site, only 1 person doing der job. And yes it's true, so der rest are so free, thanks got I got them to help me change tayar.. hahaha! Wit less than 5 mins kautim liao, unbelievable!

That is my Amkan Day!


stan said...

At least 5mins kau tim liao. My car is still with the mechanic la. Weekend detention camp at home. Kenot go anywhere. Mon only can get car. Engine nearly explode, gasket burnt liao, water rubber hose koyak. Later $$$ will also kena burnt. Wat to do...wan to follow fast & furious mah. Triple the amkanness!

TWT said...

Very sorry for the FFK :P
recovery period for me this weekend coz down with sore throat.
Next LSD we will add oil to go below 1:35, no worries.