Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Adrian See

Cinya kan cheong, tomoro is Adrian big day liao. Cant wait to let him try der golden boot, sekali pakai der shoe. Can pia kau-kau lat on der road liao hahaha!

I never miss taking Adrian pictures from week1 untill week52, enjoy viewing @

Cinya tired but Happy!


pacemaker17 said... year already??? That's FAST!!!

Happy birthday Adrian!!!

feifeipinky said...

so fast one yr liao...still r'ber last yr v went to ur plc for fullmoon.

Happy birthday Adrian.

jue said...

wahhh..... my ambassador so big liao ah???? unbelievable nia!!!

happy pia birthday, adrian see!!! cinya kan cheong see his latest pix pia in his super duper pia-ing shoe . . .

Anonymous said...

wah..2yrs old liao..can pia in kids run liao..


Anonymous said...

I mean like 2 yrs old.very mature lah .haha..1st yr birthday boy boy ...wish him fast fast growth cari makan in road race..

cheers !