Tuesday, October 06, 2009

re : Nike+ Human Race, Singapore


There's a person who sent me this on my blog on the Nike Race in Spore. She didn't manage to register so see if anyone wants to sell the bib. Are you able to help her by posting on your blog or you know anyone who wants to sell their bib?

Here's her message:

+ Human Race, Singapore

I couldn't manage to register. Anyone who has, and unable to go? I could pay you back to take over the registration, run with your name (and hopefully do a good job).
my email address is christineboey@hotmail.com

Khoo Yiat Kiat

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christineboey@hotmail.com said...

And to answer my own fanfare("hopefully do a good job").... I did a lousy job :D

Managed to take over a double entry (person with duplicate entry) and ran in the Men's Junior (<24 years) category...

MISSION FAILED - about >15 more than my regular time, BUT BUT BUT still >10 mins more than the BIB owner's time :D

Had a lot of fun!