Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adidas adiNation of Runners

How to join the adiNation of Runners?

Kindly refer to the image below, it's open to everyone!

It's FREE!!!

brought 2u by pm1


zuddin said...

macam best jer..
love to join.. :)

suka said...

tasik s.alam ad..
jom din..

fruz said...

So what happens to those who joined and registered already for the Adidas community?

Zuraidi Zainol said...

Is this the "Re-Branding" version of Adidas Running Community? Sure it has more value added (more running places).

jue said...

its not re-branding. its an up-grading version of the beginners community run

Anonymous said...

A BUNCH of useless trainers!!!