Wednesday, November 25, 2009

der Pacemakers #3

Name : Daniel Tan
DOB : 15th June 1964
Hometown : Muar, Johor
Year of Running :
since school days – road racing since 1984

Nickname :
they called me raja bukit!

Phone :

Address :
23 Jalan 31/80 Kota Kemuning 40460 Shah Alam

Email :

Website :

Born into a family with 2 guns (yes the only son but I am not referring to 2 water guns lah!), one for hunting and one to 'shoot' us off, I grew up with a "sporty" dad! Yes, he hunts as a hobby and he is also the man that will say "on your mark, get set + patam" or later on "ke garisan, sedia, patam". Yes, he was a "starter" but my interest in running was so so then.

I tried everything, soccer, hockey, swimming, badminton, scouting, prefect, woodworking, debating society and finally track + field (400m, 800m, 1500m, steeplechase, triple jump) except belajar kuat kuat!

When I moved to University Malaya to pursue my square hat in 1984, and as my spectacles became thicker (how lah, cannot see football, worst if it is the hockey ball, without spectacles) the best sports available then was running or swimming! Have shoes or trunk, off you go. No need to look for the ball, no need to look for team mates, book the court or things like that.

More importantly, my sinus was a big issue. Running helps clear my sinus! 1984 was also the year Pacesetters pioneers went about setting up the club. I still remember clearly my first road race organised by Pacesetters, the moonlight run at Kolej Zaaba or 7th College of UM. The t-shirt was sponsored by Julia's Craftsman, my favorite t-shirt for many years! I remember Jenny then!!

Then, I met the late Francis Cheng of UH, Benny Liew of SIA, Professor Dr. Ong, Professor Dr Gurunathan, Philipino lecturer Roman Guillermo, runners that were passionate about pounding the roads in UM campus.

Through their guidance, I ran my first marathon in MAS Penang International Marathon in 1986 and it was below 4 hours!

Those days, I stayed in Taman Mayang, and on Sunday morning, I ran from the Taman Mayang to UM PJ gate, meet my gang (especially Francis) and then run through UM, go into Jln Bangsar, stop for water at petrol station, turn into Jln Maarof, then turn to Jln Damansara (now Sprint highway) before heading back to section 16 and then back to PJ gate. As if that was not enough, my girlfriend then (now isteri lah) will pick me up and we adjourn to UM swimming pool!

In 1987 KL international marathon, I returned my personal best of 3'29" and came in 64th position in men national. The running bug stays with me till today.

Now, at mid life crisis with an expanding tummy, yes it was 24 inches then, it is now 30 despite my slim look, I have slowed. I have instead focus on shorter distance, less pain

Now that I am PM3, I guessed I have to train harder to be amongst the best ‘old man’ of der pacemaker! Bukit Kiara hills…………I still need you.
Come join me too! Happy running…….

brought 2u by PM3


C-CUBE said...

welcome Lau Jiao Daniel. Long Live To Run

jue said...

wow... another 'GENG' veteran runner in the family.

Anonymous said...

it's right, u look so fat, hehehe, like to warm up with u,

Anonymous said...

About time, Daniel Tan, that you are 'fraternalised'.... after getting too close to PM's. Welcome and retain your bukit raja title!
Cheers, Geraldine

Anonymous said...

Why u simply removed hairul azwar as PM3!!!!!!
have u ask his permission before accepting others??

Carrie said...

Welcome to the Pacemakers family : )

CP Waterman said...

Welcome to der pacemakers family. Wonder if you know a friend who used to love running around your time in 1984..., his name is Ng Boon Thong from Hong Leong Finance then.
Happy running!