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"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."

Since primary school I am exposed to running sport but it doesn't attract me to join any of the running events in school because of my health and my parents strictly warned me from joining sport activities in school. I felt bad like being left out and jealous seeing my friends participated in running events but myself just sat down at the corner watching them running happily on the field/track. Each time when it comes to "Sport's Day" in school I wont be attending or wont be around at the happening spot, that was the worst memory I can recall in my schooling days life.

Years passed by, and now I am an adult I can decide for myself but still will seek parent’s advices. In March 09', my friend Vin asked me to join running event - Bukit Jalil Charity Run 10 km, and I said OK since it was for charity why not participate and support them. Feeling excited to run 1st 10km without proper training I don't care much because I have no target and I don't think I can run all the way to the finishing line (run, walk, run, walk....) so my mission > to complete the run and it will make me satisfy that I have ran for charity. Since after I get involved in running it seems like I am addicted (funny) it is a continuation and I registered for running events listed below:

1) Orange Run 11km
2) Confucian Charity Run 4.3km
3) Jogathon Warisan 7km
4) Tioman Eco Challenge
5) Pacesetters New Balance 15km
6) Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21km
7) Siemens Run 10km
8) Shape Run 11.5km
9) Adidas King Of The Road 22.8km
10) Pacesetters Relay Run 2.6km
11) Mizuno Run 11km
12) Penang Bridge International Marathon 42km
13) Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 42km

And the list continue...........

Actually, I run for many reasons and I have my mission.

First of all what are the reasons ?

Reason number 1 : Running as my 2nd favorite sport after badminton and hiking.

Previously before I join running I used to play badminton with the "badminton kaki" or else I will go hill/mountain climbing . Since then I have joined running I found out it can be my 3rd interest or hobby.

Reason number 2 : Running for health benefits, health is wealth.

General knowledge, studies have shown the health benefits of running to be tremendous, reducing our chances of everything from the common cold to cancer. Running is among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of our heart and lungs. It helps ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, things that are proven to help to decrease the risk of a heart attack. Running also helps us improve our fitness and stamina. As a weight-bearing exercise, running also increases bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis.

Reason number 3 : Run for charity

I will always love to participate in charity run. The latest charity run I have participated the Terry Fox Run 5km. I can feel the satisfaction after I get involved, run and give support .

Reason number 4 : Running as stress reliever.

Running -- like other types of exercise -- is a great stress-reliever and may even relieve mild depression. Many runners enjoy reaching the "runner's high" -- that euphoric, clear, and calm state they feel after a long run. It is true enough because I have tried it ! Research shows that healthy adults who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who don't. As a runner, we will likely feel more energetic and creative. TRUE ENOUGH .

Reason number 5 : Running for Social Benefits

I like to socialize and be part of a running community. Running clubs and charity training groups give me the opportunity to meet and train with other people/runners. Some runners participate in local events or travel to race destinations with their running buddies and now I have my own running group and it is expanding.

Reason number 6 : Oh well I do run for fun.

I have enjoyed all the running events that I have gone through, It is good to enjoy the race you run so you don't feel boring when running long distance and I know I'm not alone and " I'll never run alone" there are thousands of runners around me I can make new friends. The running process from the beginning warm up, getting ready at the starting point, nervous and exciting waiting and hearing the bang "on your mark, get set, go !" ,engine start the run begin, running and running motivate ourselves never give up till near finishing line happy/tired/pain face running towards the line and with satisfaction saying YES I DID IT ! That is the real excitement in me (a fun). It is also a fun when it comes to the route/roads killer hills runners’ big challenge and maybe facing boring flat straight road easy run. Feeling excited for coming up events.

Reason number 7 : Mission > Set a target time , run for it ! Top 50th, 100th, 200th ... 500th.

I do set timing for myself each time I run a race, trying my best to achieve my own target if target failed never mind next race then. Training made perfect !

Last but not least........

Reason number 8 : Building self-motivation (very important), physically and mentally.

In running especially long distance run high self motivation needed, think positive each time whenever we feel like giving up keep on running by giving ourselves supportive words like " never give up, I am possible, I can do it ! etc..." , talking with friends when running also help but always be positive. The most important thing is to listen to your body, physical condition is far more important when once your body reached the limit (injured-dehydrated) that doesn't allow you to go further anymore and you have to STOP don't be stubborn. Tell yourself don't be disappointed by saying "I have made the right decision for my own good which is I have stopped my body from further injury/suffer".

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pacemakers I am proud to be one of the family member (PM 61) in Pacemakers Network. It is related to reason number 5 : Running for Social Benefits.

Keep in mind that

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

Carrie Teong @ Pm61


Kenny said...

Hi Carrie , welcome to the Pm's network !

jue said...

congrats for joining the PM's family.

congrats to PM for new addition of a 'daughter'..... hahahahaaaaaa

C-CUBE said...

Huan Ying Huan Ying......

Yen said...

I'm not a PM member, but i always drop by to read his blog. Love your article, & totally agree with it.

Carrie said...


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Welcome !!


Lai Fong Sang said...

Hi Carrie,
Damn good report! Very nice introduction, I really enjoy reading it.
Welcome aboard onto the pacemaker pia kau kau lat ship.

Fabio said...

All the best.

Carrie said...

"Pacemaker pia kau kau lat ship"
I like this slogan LOL : P

stan said...

Finally pm1 listen to us. We talk until saliva dried liao & wait till neck long & tall like KLCC only then he introduce new female member. Amkan! Welcome ya Sis Carrie

Carrie said...

Thank you ! : )

Zuraidi Zainol said...

congrats Carrie, keep up the good running spirit.

Wai Hing said...

I love to read your write up. Very true. My friend and I shared almost same experience too. Both of us are joining most of the run and we are aiming for more next year.