Thursday, November 26, 2009

My PIBM Race Report!

Cinya Amkan nia, mission fail again for my bread n butter race. I could had achieves my target time of 1.33 n below if only I wear der correct sock, der cilaka NB sock I really want to throw it away liao. After 10km, my bottom toe keep rubbing wit pain, had to struggle until finish. End up finish wit time of 1'34.12 chip time. Position 21st! (not bad hor?)

Anyway, big kudos to PIBM. This year I really enjoyed Pg Bridge Run, so much has improved compare to der previous year. Smooth sailing after 1km from der crowed until finishing, cinya happy no blocking stone liao. I surely will come back again next year for a better timing & pecah record kau-kau lat.

Group picture at Krystal Suites Apartment

Relaxing time @ Batu Feringghi Chalet

However, something need to improved. Der starting line cinya narrow like kok. Wasted more than 1 mins to clear der thick crowed. Coz so many kan cheong runners oredi stand at der starting line 30 mins before der race start. Very hard to squeeze into der front row liao. Pack like sardin hu.

Secondly, no distance marker needed, don't be so kiam siap lah. It wont cost that much to built it mah.

No! No! Adam Kok is mine...

Overall, I trully enjoyed der journey to Penang wit der whole bunch of Pacemakers family. 1st night we stay at Krystal suite apartment and 2nd night we stay at Batu Feringghi Chalet. Eat kau-kau lat whenever place we go, and really have a good time together. So sad to say goodbye on departing day to everyone nia. Sob.. sob..

More pictures, pls click here!

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