Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Der Most Suffering Month

Believe it or not, I had completed 6 races for month of November 2009. Eventhon cinya tired like cat n dog, follow by folk n spoon, but I really enjoy it. That what we call Passion of Running.

All der event are so memorable to me, full wit pride, tear n joy. Der only event I had miss is KRI, one of my bread n butter race, and it oso stated as one of der best event in Malaysia since 2004 I join. Very der amkan I miss it!

07th Nov - KDU Hospitality 1Malaysia Race
08th Nov - 16th Annual Charity Walk Jog Wheel-A-Thon
15th Nov - Run4it New Balance KP 12km Run
22th Nov - Penang Bridge Half Marathon
26th Nov - New Balance 5km Run
29th Nov - Klava Back to Nature Relay

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Anonymous said...

KY: You are just fool of rubbish. Compare to others you are nothing so don't brag greatness about yourselves.

CP Waterman said...

Cinya ho liao Captain! Salute kau kau!

Carrie said...