Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Turn!

Dear all,

This morning, my car was broken into at the outside of Royal Selangor Club.

Best part is, after breaking my left front window, they don't know how to open my doors and thank God nothing was stolen. My blackberry was hidden somewhere in the car off! And my smart tag was in another hidden area.

And they tried to force my door handle since they can find a way to open the doors after breaking the glass!!

So, perhaps you may want to report at your blog-spots to warn fellow runners to bring nothing when we go running.

I normally do not leave valuable stuff in the car.

As to the run, I was on somebody else numbers!! ha ha. My brother Lee very convincing, to drag me out to run this morning. I just got back to town late yesterday, having diarrhea yesterday and had a comfortable and easy run to wind down the year.

Merry Christmas + happy new year if I don't see you till then.

Daniel Tan @ Pm3

p/s by pm1 : actually hor, there were plenty of parking inside der equestrian. Dont know why organizer don't allow runners to park, now something happen liao. Who to blame?


dannie chOOng said...

just learn (from my friend's facebook status) that his car was also broken in. left side passenger window broke. not as lucky as you. got his iphone, smart tag and wallet stolen...

Dinesh said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the syndicate is linked to the so called 'authorities'

michlooi said...

Raymond car also kena on the driver side. 2 handphones got stolen, my friends bag got stolen also. As for us, they have ample of time to select what they want and what they don't want. They take the cash but our IC and other belonging is safe. He even got time to throw the slippers out from my friend's bag.

Gary Phang said...

My colleague car also broken into at Bukit Jalil park sometime last month. The best thing was there was no sign of break-in with all the windows and door handle intact. The only thing missing was his credit card. They don't even take the valet and cash. He was having a hard time in lodging a police report as the police don't believe his car was broken into. Also, went into long dispute with bank on fraud transactions. so, beware.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

my car was also broken into. parked at the road shoulder. massive loss....iphone wallets etc
bukit kiara is not a safe place after all.

went to report, the policewomen told me 20 other cars are waiting to lodge a report.

azrul said...

it's not safe nowdays to bring ur things and leave it in your car..all runners should be careful next time..better leave ur things at the bag area..

andrew thooi said...

ouch. sorry for the car that got broken in. luckily nothing happened to me. i left everything on the seat, bags with my wallet, handphones, etc.
thanks for warning. will hide them in all the coming runs.

miaomiao said...

just out of curiosity, were all those phones left in the car, switched on but on silent mode?

Anonymous said...

the organizers in the future must also assigned their RELA men to be stationed at parking area. this was not the first time. lesson should be learnt here!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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