Sunday, December 13, 2009

SJK Kwong Hon Century Celebration Charity Run

What : SJK Kwong Hon Century Celebration Charity Run
When : 13th December 2009
Where : SJKC Kwong Hon, Sungei Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
Distance : 10.01km (according to James Wong gps kok)
Medal : Finisher for All
Trophy : Top 5

After all der amkan-ness at Larian Rakyat, today I wanna make sure no more repeat mistake. Trophy was awarded for top 5 position in each category, and it was oredi shown on for display. Cinya der kan cheong liao n saliva oso want to come out liao. Lucky not many good runners are here today, so der chances of podium finish cinya high as der sky. And before start of der race, I oredi congrats Naresh, coz he is der favorite for der Champion. And der rest of us need to pia like kok.

To cut der kok short, I'm glad that der Pacemakers manage to dominate der top 5 position. And oso very happy, this time manage to under table Vincent Wong which I oredi lost to him 2 races in a row (NB5km & KLAVA Relay). This time I really waited at der right time n right moment. I only manage to sayur Vincent wit last 1km to go, after that Pia all der way to finishing line.

Overall, cinya well organise. Cinya nice running route, running inside army camp. Nice medal, goodies bag wit quality running sock from Brooks. And all runners will received finisher t-shirt, will deliver by post. We oredi got another t-shirt upon collection of bib.

Men Open Result :
40.51 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (Champion!)
42.20 - Murugan A/L Arumugam (2nd)
42.40 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (3rd)

43.20 - Kenny Tan, Pm27 (4th)
43.50 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (5th)
44.38 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (6th)
45.28 - Lee Weng Khong, Pm35 (7th)
49.27 - Wong Cheon Keong (9th)

Men Veteran :
39.09 - Ong Chin (Champion)
40.58 - Ng Say Heong (2nd)
42.11 - Goh Chun Aun (3rd)
42.45 - Vincent Wong, Pm10 (4th)
42.50 - Wan Sin (5th)
00.00 - Tan Wah Sing (6th)

Position #5 : Stanley Cheong (Sea Game Champion)

Position #4 : Kenny Tan (Asian Games Champion)

Position #3 : Ronnie See (European Champion)

Position #2 : Murugan (Olympic Champion)

Position #1 : Naresh Kumar (World & Galaxy Champion)

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wah lau...pacemakers go there sapu all the trophy ah? hehe...congrats!